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Stay schtum, GULAGs: ScoMo’s Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae will win it for us

14 May 2019

4:07 PM

14 May 2019

4:07 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

CBD has consistently been warning GULAG not to go overboard. The Fabian approach is CBD’s practical approach to achieving Venezuelan status for Australia.

Too much too quickly – egging, thuggery and so forth – turns off too many of the great unwashed. So please, GULAG. Go easy.

Just as victory is in GULAG’s grasp the GULAG government of Queensland’s state authority Gladstone Ports “deals” with a worker for asking BS a taxing question. CBD admits the boss’ lateral thinking of accusing the worker of speaking to the media is a sackable offence is to be admired. But to the uninitiated there may be some reticence in accepting the disciplinary action against the worker. They might just think that BS was invited on to the work site with media entourage by the bosses who also allowed the workers to mix and mingle. The idea that workers should remain schtum and stand there expressionless and mute is unrealistic. Therefore they may make the quantum leap and think the GULAG government’s workers were only to praise BS. Now if trained properly that is exactly what they would’ve done. But as yet the workers are clearly not fully educated GULAG operatives so why have them there at all CBD asks.

After the election the worker could’ve lost his job after show trial… oops internal inquiry to enable the decision to be deferred a week. So tactless. So Stalinist – which would’ve been ok if deferred for a week. But to jeopardise Election 19 with this mal-timed yet deserved disciplinary action may finally get SM out on this vacuous yet popular concept the hard right bang on about namely freedom and speech.

The Israel Folau case continues to beckon for the hard right but SM thankfully avoids it. CBD wakes up in a cold sweat sometimes thinking SM has finally twigged. To champion a fluro-vested worker along with a rugby star could swing many of the useful idiots GULAG had lined up to vote to in fact vote for SM. If SM does finally move on this outmoded concept of free speech CBD can foresee many of the great unwashed fall for this nebulous concept of free speech and deliver SM a victory. They love their underdogs, free speech, and dislike PC- all things that will be dealt with after the election but on which GULAG should remain schtum until Election 19 is over.

Just hope SM keeps talking his housing policy – the great idea of GULAG’s soul mates in the USA (the Democrats), which helped to get the GFC underway and boost people’s confidence in capitalism. CBD admires the independent journalists who immediately criticised SM’s policy until BS came out to support it. Sure, a bit awkward but GULAG always salutes true believers.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign.

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