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How the ‘Australian Greens’ part is letting down the GULAG

15 May 2019

3:57 PM

15 May 2019

3:57 PM

While CBD’s confidence of a GULAG victory is growing by the day, one does need to express disappointment with the AG bit of GULAG.

The ‘And Greens’ have not pulled their weight their weight in Election 19. CBD is usually more comfortable with the bookends of GULAG, namely GetUp and Greens than with the Labor element because Labor still has vestiges of people that believe in Christianity and Western Civilisation, freedoms, personal liberties and virtues. But in a troika (which GULAG is) – like a three-legged stool – all need to be equal to the task.

The Greens in Election 19 have either been missing in action or misfiring. The Green profile has been non-existent. It’s been abysmal all around the Nation. From the not so SHY in South Australia who needs Fightback warrior Dr Hewson to support her failing campaign. You know the fella that lost the unlosable election.  SHY clearly needs his talent to absolutely ensure the loss of her seat. What was she thinking?

Then to other States from the Apple Isle to the Pineapple State their Senate candidates are doing exceedingly poor.

When the Greens do get profile – like with the CO2 emitting car convoy from the Deep South to the deep north to protest Adani – the anti -Green protesters outnumber the GULAG activists. Never a good TV visual. More concerning, the convoy may literally drive useful idiot voters to SM and his team promising jobs, security, lower cost of living and other nebulous issues the hard right always play on.

The convoy was led by Dr Brown because Dr Nut Ally has no profile. But they remember Brown for marrying Gillard after the 2010 election. Simply unwise. The convoy has wedged GULAG supporters back to SM. Foolishness writ larger.

And then there are the candidates being led by a soporifically uninspiring leader. Amongst the candidates they have conspiracy believers who don’t believe Bryant killed people at Port Arthur – come on up, David Paull. Why not let sleeping dogs lie if you believe in the conspiracy. Even the hard right don’t subscribe to those conspiracy theories.
CBD is at a loss to explain. Hopefully it was a well-meaning attempt to wedge Shooters and Fishers to vote Green. This mainstream innovative attempt at winning votes would normally be applauded. However in the current climate CBD is of the belief there is a danger of alienating even rusted GULAG voters. Not helpful. And there are the internal machinations and sexual allegations, which the media have been mercifully ignoring. Mind you it would be very different if the allegations had been made against a member of the hard right.

CBD is at a loss of how to advise the Greens. Do they lift their profile and risk even more or hope GULAG can unite.
All CBD knows is the Greens desperately need a new leader. But who?
And talking of leaders, why is it the great unwashed still love that hard right recidivist Howard?

Can’t they see through budget surpluses, genuine increases in real wages, low unemployment and strong borders. With Howard in toe even Warringah might be returned to the Liberal fold.

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