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CBD: Electric car lobby runs out of charge

13 April 2019

9:42 AM

13 April 2019

9:42 AM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

The effected consternation about the electric car vision is a dazzling insight into SM and his non-Mal contents’ disconnectedness. Yet it’s becoming an issue in Election 19 according to the smart pollers… Go figure!

Electric cars are more than practical. Who actually needs to travel more than 3.6 km – the distance between Canberra Civic and Parliament House?

Really as though there is something to be seen or done outside the Parliamentary triangle? Nevertheless the hard right are ridiculing the prospect of compulsory electric vehicles.

The figures showing Australians like their SUV’s are clearly doctored. As though sales figures are any indication! Four wheel driving, camping, and fishing are all so last millennia.  And who needs an SUV for holidays when you ski the European Alps? Hey Zali?

The idea that people might have cost of living pressures with electricity and power bills is just another right wing inspired myth. To so unconscionably use high power bills is unfairly playing on the emotions of everyday ordinary CBD’s. They’re even using BS as in electricity Bill. The right will stop at nothing.

So beware of the truth tellers of the hard right. They seek to set aside feel good virtue signalling with facts like:

  • Coal fired power stations produce the electricity to recharge the batteries;
    in the regional areas (who lives there any way?) they will need to use a diesel generator to recharge the battery; and
  • Teslas emit more than a Toyota Corolla (wouldn’t be seen dead in one just so common).

Cynically armed with these facts the Liberal truth tellers are trying to trump CBD emotions. Stand firm CBDers.

If truth telling wasn’t enough the hard right is now introducing that unnecessary element known as hypocrisy. So Silly Zali is being attacked for driving an eye watering CO2 emitting SUV while arguing for action on climate change. Since when has consistency been required for public life? Surely Al Gore and Malcolm Turnbull have settled that it is what you preach that matters not what you actually do. It appears not. See how the hard right even hounded poor AO QC out of the men’s only Savage Club and questioned his use of negative gearing in amassing his Monopoly sized property portfolio.

Anyway on top of all the benefits of electric vehicles Silly Zali also sees the vision (some are cruelly calling it an hallucination) of a new taxpayer sponsored electric vehicle industry.

Just imagine the jobs growth for CBDers – the regulators, the assessors, the subsidy oops the incentives supervisors, the pay clerks, the enforcers and so the jobs growth is potentially endless not to mention the upgrades needed for the electricity grid.

Why are these hard right fringe elements allowed to tell the truth, be practical, and talk about logistics and cost of living. This free speech thing is just getting out of hand… Thank goodness for Rugby Australia!

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign. 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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