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Did George Soros buy you those koala suits, kids?

23 October 2018

4:51 PM

23 October 2018

4:51 PM

Have you ever wondered how much money is collected by those mobs of young men and women who patrol the CBDs of our major cities on behalf of the different charities? The collectors are generally young men and women, backpackers or students who attempt to sign donors into direct debit contracts. There has been long-term concern that registered charities are actually political organisations who use the tax-exempt status they obtain as charities to maximise their political influence.

But, as you would be well aware, influence does not come freely. It costs a lot and if you have a lot of money, it is almost guaranteed that you will have a lot of influence; that is, money = influence. By way of an example, the registered charity, Australian Conservation Foundation Incorporated has a lot of influence; in 2017 its influence was financed by total revenue of over $13 million. While I don’t believe that it was all collected by boys and girls on CBD pedestrian crossings, the majority, a tad over $12 million, was collected from ‘members, supporters and customers’ according to the 2017 ACF’s financial statement.

What we don’t know from that statement, because they don’t tell us, is the proportion of that $12 million that comes from overseas ‘members, supporters and customers.’ But the reason that information is importance is because ACF, and many other charities, undertake campaigns that have direct political effects, can change electoral outcomes and if some of these charities are being financed from overseas sources we, the people, are entitled to know both the proportion of its resources that come from overseas and whether there are any obligations attached to the funding.

The problem has become very acute in the USA where the funding source of many left-wing organisations have been traced back to organisations controlled by the billionaire George Soros.

A recent article reported that organisations financed by Soros, Black Lives Matter, Media Matters for America, MoveOn.org and the Tides Foundation had financed the establishment of a training school for progressive revolutionaries in California called the Rockwood Leadership Institute. Graduates from that training school, such as Andrew Gillum, are standing for elected office, while Linda Sarsour not only organised demonstrations against President Trump but also participated in the Democrat chaos surrounding the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. You can view a snapshot of the US lunatic left that Soros has trained here.

Despite being a multi-billionaire and one would imagine, of a Republican sentiment, Soros has been financing radical, left-wing, lunatic policies for decades through a multitude of special interest groups and non-governmental organisations that he hopes will lead to an open borders, one world government – Marx’s universal homogeneous society writ large. Soros described his open society in an article, The Capitalist Threat, in the Atlantic Monthly in 1997. “Societies derive their cohesion from shared values . . rooted in culture, religion, history, and tradition. When a society does not have boundaries where are the shared values to be found? . . . the concept of the open society itself.”

One has only to read that sentence twice to see what nonsense it is. Yet, nonsense armed with almost unlimited money is doing a lot of damage in the United States as the lunatic left descend into the gutter with its politics of race-hate, misandry and envy. The Breitbart article names the people involved and they are all left wing lunatics in the Democrat Party; the Party that once cared for the American workers before they abandoned them in favour of left-wing billionaires and environmental activism. Now it emerges that the groups who organised the recent anti-Brexit protests in London were financed by the EU.

Why would left-wing Australian organisations be any different from those in the United States? They need funding and Soros has a history of funding such organisations; especially the ones that reject the natural rights of human beings in order to promote the greater good – four legs good two legs bad. I am not suggesting that any organisation be denied its share of Soros’s fortune or indeed of money from any international source. As sad as such organisations are, if you support free speech, then their message is entitled to be spoken.

It would be prudent, however, for all organisations be compelled by legislation to declare publicly both the ultimate source and the quantity of its financial contribution so that Australians are aware not only of who is paying the piper but also who is calling the tune.

Illustration: Wilderness Society.

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