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Climate catastrophe: an update from Tim Flannery

28 September 2018

7:05 PM

28 September 2018

7:05 PM

It’s my fault. I should not have been browsing The Guardian Australian website.

There I was, minding my own business, when suddenly an ad for the Climate Council, Tim “Sandbags” Flannery’s little band of self-declared “experts”, funded by wealthy SJWs who 400 years ago would have been buying indulgences from the Catholic Chruch, dedicated to scaring the ignorant and gullible.

The ad was quite spectacular. It consisted of a map of Australia showing where floods, fire and famine will strike unless we immediately give Sandbags & Co all our money and adopt a neolithic existence.

The “higher sea levels” that “will increase flooding” at the top of the Great Australian Bight were particularly interesting.

The cliffs around there — as any fule kno — are around 60 metres high.

So, if you’re really going to claim that the Nullabor is going to vanish beneath the waves, those of us who aren’t dropping acid tabs can safely presume everything else you can come up with — everything else on your map — is complete and utter bollocks.

Illustration: Centropolis Entertainment/Lionsgate Films/Mark Gordon Company/20th Century Fox.

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