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Why our new PM needs to protect religious freedoms

29 August 2018

7:30 AM

29 August 2018

7:30 AM

We have become victims of a political ideology bereft of critical thought with our current trend to remove all forms of ‘discrimination’ and elevate as holy all forms of ‘equality’. ‘Anti-discrimination’ and ‘equality’ have become the linguistic saints of a new religious order reinforced by equally short-sighted platitudes: ‘love is love’, ‘marriage equality’, ‘left behind by history’, to name a few.

No one would dare take the first two platitudes to their logical conclusions. Both would equally condone all manner of sexual practices, legal and currently illegal, should they not be bound by regulation; while only hindsight can truly speak for history. Our current trend sees any form of legal religious discrimination to be, at best, a compromise made for those less culturally advanced while we wait for them to die off, at worse, a capitulation to religious bigots.

Yet no sane person truly believes in the ‘Equality’ of ideas, desires or behaviour. What’s actually being removed when we fight all forms of discrimination is the ability to think critically and deeply; to form opinions that positively discriminate by favouring good ideas, behaviour, policy, and so on, over bad ones.

In our rush to abolish all forms of ‘discrimination’, we’ve inadvertently abolished discriminations two closest etymological relatives: ‘discretion’ and ‘discernment’. I’m sure we’d all agree that a government without discretion and discernment would be a desperately foolish one indeed. Yet here we are.

Such ideologies were empowered at last years plebiscite to sail straight ahead with a compass pointing due north toward anti-discrimination, yet without the discernment to navigate safely around any submerged icebergs ready to sink the Titanic of our ‘full steam ahead’ society; arrogantly unsinkable in our quest for progression. An unrelenting machine hell-bent on forging ahead regardless of the warnings, because warnings must be a bigot or phobic to question our dashing pace. Best throw them overboard and leave them in our wake!

When it comes to attacking religious freedoms, the preachers are the biggest hypocrites. Should the Greens Party be forced to accept anyone seeking membership? If so, supporters of Adani coal mine should join up and stack their branches. Big business could infiltrate Labor party ranks and trade unionists the Liberals. Religious organisations wishing to discriminate in their hiring practices are simply trying to stay true to their core values and offer such to their supporters.

I recall one of our federal leaders saying his mind was changed to the affirmative on same-sex marriage when a colleague suggested he mentally change the wording ’same-sex’ to ‘interracial’. While your busy playing with words why not change it to ‘polyamorous’, ‘intergenerational’ or ‘incestuous’? Comparing same-sex to inter-racial marriage is akin to saying driving a bus with improperly fitting wheel-nuts is no different to driving buses of varying colours. No, the colour does not matter, but the wheels will fall off this social experiment injuring all who travel aboard.

Those of time-tested religious faith stand their ground against such social experiments in all good conscience and should never be legally forced to conform to practices so offensive to their beliefs.

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