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Anyone want to play Gender Jenga?

16 August 2018

1:05 PM

16 August 2018

1:05 PM

I was watching my kids and their friends play Jenga recently – you know the game where you have a tower of blocks and you take turns pulling out one block at a time until the tower tumbles, the loser being the person who removes the pivotal block that causes the collapse. All I could see was our current Victorian government with their radical left allies removing the building blocks of our civilisation and assuming it will still stand.

Each time they remove a block and the tower hasn’t crumbled they congratulate themselves and mock all the fearmongers who suggested their last move may have been catastrophic: “See the sky hasn’t fallen”; “The world is still turning”; “No slippery slope here”. Of course politicians playing games with our national welfare is nothing new, Sam Dastyari playing Chinese chequers, the Greens continually making up new words to win Scrabble, and anyone on the far left assuming they can change the meaning of words to fit the crossword puzzle.

Over the last decade the Greens and their playmates have been busy teaching our legislative gamesters to play free speech Monopoly; offend anyone living in their myriad of rainbow coloured spaces and you’ll end up in jail. There’s so many spaces to offend it’s literally come down to a bad roll of the dice. Safer still, don’t play at all and let the rule makers monopolise the game. Likely that’s their tactic, intimidate everyone out of the playroom who’s too confused by their ever expanding set of convoluted rules and you win by default.

However, the state of Victoria takes the cake in the world of political play. These gamesters are surrounded by a great cloud of past witnesses praising their efforts: Marx, Rousseau and Kinsey to name some of the strongest influences on our current Victorian governments gaming habits. Gambling with the state’s energy, economy, roads and infrastructure is an old game for Victorian Labor members, with our children’s future being a more recent addition their roulette table.  With the Victorian Labor party, every child has the equal opportunity to play the title role in the ‘Little Albert Experiment’, coming to a school near you.

But I am worried, very worried, that this last Jenga block they’re trying so silently and stealthily to remove, with the help of programs like the Safe Schools Coalition, is the Gender Jenga block, the one that will bring the tower crashing down with devastating consequences.

I guess in a postmodern society the mess that’s left will be redefined as a new beginning?

G.K. Chesterton, you were right. Before removing a boundary marker because you don’t understand it’s purpose, take the time to ask why someone put it there in the first place!

I hope and pray for a new set of players to enter the games room after the next Victorian election.  Competitors with the moral integrity not to play Twister with our kids.

Illustration: Covergirl.

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