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That precious poppet is yours, not the state’s

26 June 2018

7:57 AM

26 June 2018

7:57 AM

We are living in the age of entitlement. Need proof? Take a quick look at the curious demands of left feminists. One, writing in Sydney Morning Herald, has decided that the state government’s budget baby gift bags, which will cost $13.5 million each year, aren’t adequate.

“I love a showbag as much as the next guy,” she says. Before we continue, can we just note that no one outside elitist journalism would have a clue what a ‘showbag’ is? In 2018, if you’re going to events that still reward you with one, you’re clearly moving in the top end of town.

“If government really wants to give NSW women a push present, maybe they should think about what parents really need in those first few months of parenthood,” she continues as if they’ve asked for suggestions.

She then talks about funding and counselling for “every new parent – mums and dads – in the first three months following birth.” And a mothercraft nurse who comes to your house. And physio sessions. And decent paid parental leave for all parents.

Great ideas.

Hey princess, quick question: whose shout is all this? It’s certainly not my round. Pay for your own children. If you can’t afford them – don’t have them. Pregnancy isn’t Christmas even on planet feminism. You don’t get to make a wish list and you don’t sign for a delivery of parcels after you’ve delivered your bundle of joy.

This fem-fool should be grateful the government’s giving her anything, frankly. Having a baby is a personal choice. It’s not the government’s responsibility to kit out your nursery and make your life luxurious.

If you’re compiling a list of what the government should prioritise taxpayer dollars on, let’s start with family law reform and sorting out the Child Support Agency, shall we?

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