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The Child Support Agency prompts fresh calls for a Royal Commission

30 May 2018

7:51 AM

30 May 2018

7:51 AM

Try as they might to stop the almighty juggernaut of public experience catching up with them, the Child Support Agency is on borrowed time.

An interesting (well, we’ll go with ‘interesting’) piece ran in The Guardian stating, “Record numbers of parents with outstanding child support debts are being stopped from travelling overseas, with more than one parent a day being prevented from travelling at airports and seaports until they pay.”

Nice stat there: is this a new strategy neatly borrowing from the domestic violence industry?

Human Services Minister Michael Keenan attempted to portray CSA as in some way a helpful agent. He spoke of “repeatedly ignored attempts by the Department of Human Services to help them pay through voluntarily repayment plans.” Are we meant to bless them for attempting to pester the money out of people who can’t pay so nicely?

Remember Department of Human Services is the sparkly new name for this Department, hoping to make CSA sound more human. Or perhaps it’s to serve a reminder to staff to adjust their rancid manner into being vaguely human-friendly?

Of course, all this Guardian puff piece has succeeded in doing is delivering more questions to CSA’s door – and there are thousands of them. You ask for the media spotlight, we shall deliver.

From garnishee notices, corruption, bullying tactics, ATO involvement, right through to accountability in ensuring faithfully paying parents actually get to see their children. How long do they think they can keep the public from banging down the door demanding justice?

Considering the government practises a similar business model to the banks, a Royal Commission is it crackers to suspect it would draw similar findings? It’s clear to the majority in Australia that CSA runs a very successful profit and loss model – once you fall into their nasty net, you fall victim to the system never to recover.

How about a Royal Commission investigates the entire department and system?

Who seriously thinks this department is running any more justly or fairly than the banks?

Chances are a Royal Commission would find strong connections to the soaring male suicide rate too.

And then let’s not forget the Leftist fem-political takeover of mental health organisations which has left many stranded without support. Those numbers, while you’re brushing up on your updated stats, aren’t pretty dear Department. Would you care to share?

And as Keenan’s feeling proactive and oh so media-friendly, maybe this is the time to get his two thumbs up to a Royal Commission?

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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