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Show me the ‘himpathy’

15 May 2018

11:26 AM

15 May 2018

11:26 AM

The Sydney Writer’s Festival sounds like a right old barrel of positivity and empowerment. Continually oppressed attendees miraculously managed to muster the energy to take to the mic and exchange tales of victimhood.

One journo from The Age writes, “For too long we have clung to the idea of ‘himpathy’, as Washington Times journalist Irin Carmon so perfectly described it at the writers’ festival, the disproportionate empathy that we extend to men.”

Really? What “disproportionate empathy” is this? Anyone in Australia looking for proof of the disgusting lack of empathy for men need only look at the hideous outpouring of comments the grieving father of Margaret River shootings is receiving.

Most people with real life beating hearts see this as an absolutely heartbreaking family tragedy not an opportunity to push a man hating, male violence agenda.

Most of us find nothing here but absolute agony.

Over in the fem-festival echo chamber, it was indulgent chatter about acrimony and revenge. The Age journalist continues she felt inspired by self-described “young flame-thrower feminists’. Apparently, these brave hearts have decided that it is “an act of cowardice to remain silent.”

Clearly fem-folk live on a different planet to the rest of us.

It is mid-May. There has been a continual, unbroken narrative of victimhood for months, years. Decades, actually.

Yet, these goons gather at a writer’s festival, supposedly a haven of creativity, to further complain? What is this lamenting achieving? Who are they talking to? What is the psychology behind this perpetual growling?

The Age journalist continues, “I am encouraging every woman of every age to drop the ‘himpathy’. I call on you to confront these men, and call them out to their face, even if only privately.”

Who wants to tell her this is exactly what the initial rally cry of Me Too was last year?

She adds, “no more silence”.

Silence? What silence? This blaring, ringing crowd is deafening. This is a mob that is increasingly displaying nothing but an outpouring of bitterness and malice.

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