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14 May 2018

6:07 PM

14 May 2018

6:07 PM

Just when it seemed all hope might be lost to the left, a flower burst through the concrete. The petition to have Clementine Ford removed as keynote speaker at a Lifeline event has won.

The petition amassed 13,833 signatures. Each has just received a notification, “We did it!”

Last week it was announced Lifeline would receive $33million government funding. This came amidst a media furore over extremist feminist activist Clementine Ford being chosen to speak at an event co-hosted by Lifeline Australia on May 29 in Melbourne. The event has now been cancelled.

The announcement from Lifeline Australia said, “We appreciate it has been an issue that has triggered strong emotions and reactions. As such, we have reconsidered the event.”

The statement concluded, “Lifeline’s mission is to support all Australians in crisis and to do so in a non-judgemental and respectful manner. We do hope that you understand our decision regarding this event and that you continue to support Lifeline and our vision for an Australia free of suicide.”

The development came just in time.

Ford’s latest piece for Fairfax Media shows hateful venom on a furious new level. Displaying a worrying lack of compassion she rants of the Margaret River tragedy, “Listen. Peter Miles and those like him are not Good Blokes, and they have to stop being described as such.”

Remember this comes before police have even completed their investigation, let alone released full details of their inquiry into the horrific incident in which a grandfather allegedly shot his wife, daughter and four children.

Ford’s all-consuming hatred for men is absolutely dripping. She screams, “The framing of criminal acts like these as being somehow the result of depression or financial struggles or just a lack of appropriate emotional support cannot help but infest the circumstances with an air of sympathy and understanding.”

She slams “traditional notions of masculinity”, rants about the “patriarchy” and then Lifeline’s number is listed at the end.

The fact Ford blankly refuses to comprehend motivational factors contributing to human beings wanting out of life purely highlights why she was never, and should never be, given a platform to speak at any events by any suicide prevention organisation. Ever.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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