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“I’d like to ask a question not about women”

8 March 2018

11:05 AM

8 March 2018

11:05 AM

Fast-forward several years there will be no men allowed in National Press Club: rampant sexism will mean it’s simply not worth it.

The reaction to two male journalists daring to stand up and ask totally politically news worthy and important questions yesterday nails the coffin. There is officially zero balance left in the hideously, screechingly feminist media.

On Wednesday the pumped up fem audience booed two journalists as the idiotic entitlement of the fem-pack reached a deafening height.

After Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek spoke about International Women’s Day, two journalists dared to ask about the Adani mine.

They were booed.


Two reasons.

Firstly, because they were male.

Secondly, because their question wasn’t about gender targets.

Silly them, it was about a $16.5bn coal mine and thousands of jobs (for men and women).

After the question, Plibersek said with a chuckle, “OK, we’ve moved off women pretty quickly, haven’t we? I don’t know how [Turnbull] can possibly say that. Our position all the way through has been that this has to stack up economically and it has to stack up environmentally.”

A second male journo asked about Adani and with that, Twitter was alight with fury.

“Typical male chauvinistic agenda from Murdoch’s #australian. Male reporters hijacking @NPC speech today for National Women’s Fat to ask @tanya_plibersek questions about issues not relating to women… twice!!! Bugger off and ask your questions another day,” blasted one fired up fem. How professional.

One sarcastically offered the men a “round of applause” while another chimed, “The blokes really don’t get it do they?”

Tick-tock, tick-tock, banned.

Janine Perrett stepped in posting, “Booing male journos at press club today just ridiculous. Two diligent reporters were just doing their job. Attacks on them rampant sexism and unprofessional. These women do not represent #metoo. Grow up.”

Plibersek’s speech was aired live by both ABC and Sky. For those of us who had watched it as viewers, we’d heard plenty about ratios, percentages, strategy, security, independence, gender pay gap, value and quotas. Plibersek stated Labor is promising to hold themselves accountable through annual progress reports to parliament. What more do they want to hear?

In what bizarre universe wouldn’t journos also ask about other hugely important topics? We certainly didn’t hear the female journo stumbling as they fired questions at Barnaby Joyce about his private life rather than the issues at hand, did we?

Please tell these absolute egotistical buffoons that just because Plibersek is a woman doesn’t mean she can only talk about women. She is also well versed in other issues beyond that. And, gasp, other women viewing might even be interested to hear her views on Adani.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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