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Gender politics or progress? Your choice

2 March 2018

8:06 AM

2 March 2018

8:06 AM

At some point, gender politics is going to have to calmly take a seat and let progress actually prevail.

On Thursday it was reported, “Last night the women in Mr Shorten’s office went to dinner together as a show of solidarity.”

News just in: that’s not progress.

Solidarity is teamwork, harmony and support. Why on earth would that be gender specific? You don’t show solidarity through segregation.

Indeed, Canberra insiders will happily tell you how since the last drinks were called in the old Non-Members Bar some 30 years ago and the parliament moved up the Hill men and women in politics; pollies, staffers, journos, lobbyists – even the odd Parliament House security guard – have gone out together and drunk merrily on Wednesday nights. It is, after all, the one night parliament doesn’t sit until 11 pm.

But in 2018; we are now so forwards we’ve gone backwards. Quarantined women’s only dinners are all the rage now. Weekly piss-ups are disguised as activism for those intent on inhaling never-ending gender nonsense.

Politics isn’t about running the country in alliance; it’s all about managing the segregation of power. Ask Jane Caro, she’ll tell you all about this wizard progress.

In an exhausting response to Michaelia Cash’s outburst, Caro wrote it had left her feeling “weary”.

She continued, “For women, unspecified ‘rumours’ are still career death. In fact, any whiff of sexual misbehaviour, even if not directly committed by them, sticks like glue.”

Caro, did you not get the memo about sexual liberation? Sexual misbehaviour isn’t something women “commit”, it is something we enjoy.

If anyone is stuck in a 1950s mindset believing there is still a double standard when it comes to sexual behaviour and the gender politics of power – it’s the fem-squad.

“A man who sleeps around remains a hero, a stud and an object of envy,” she bleats. “Women who are even just suspected of doing so are forever tainted…”

What a load of sexist garbage.

With comments like this coming from supposed leading feminist commentators, who are wheeled out daily to share their clinquant insights, what hope do we have?

Move along, Caro. Do catch up.

The only imbalance of power we are still struggling with is the weight such sexist commentary is given.

“Senator Cash, like many women, particularly conservative ones, has decided to align herself with the powerful (AKA men),” she writes.

This torture is like reading from a 1950s feminist textbook.

Seize your power Caro – and spare us the passé lecture.

Gender politics or progress? Choose.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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