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The number one concern of Victoria’s rulers? Identity politics, it appears – not human life

4 October 2020

2:35 PM

4 October 2020

2:35 PM

While you were distracted by the atrocious horror show that is reality in Victoria, Dan Andrews has successfully created a parallel universe.  

In this brave new world, it doesn’t matter how many lives are lost, businesses go under, or humans are left in financial ruin.   

All that matters is virtue signalling.

It seems that, because the social inclusion policy which drove the Andrews government to hire private security guards to manage hotel quarantine was such a roaring success, he’s decided to extend it.  

Facts don’t matter in Andrew’s new world. 

COVID case numbers don’t matter. 

And neither does the COVID death count. 

The focus is squarely on identity politics.

This brilliantly ensures that intersectionality can always dig you out of any uncomfortable hole you may find yourself in.

Victorian Labor is set to elect Sheena Watt as the state’s first Aboriginal MP to fill the gap left by former health minister Jenny Mikakos’s resignation.

Is she any good? 

Who cares, this is the ideal opportunity to play the trump card in identity politics and distract everyone with the Indegnous card.

Andrews used his daily press conference on Friday not as a platform to explain his woeful performance or focus on any accountability.  

Instead, he stated, “From great sadness from the retirement of Jenny Mikakos [who he didn’t even speak to when she resigned after throwing her under the bus] comes a historic opportunity for us to, not just as a Labor Government commit to justice for Aboriginal people and a true partnership with First Nations peoples, but it presents an opportunity for the Labor Party to do the same thing. I hope and I’m confident that we are equal to this moment.”

He may as well have said, “Don’t look at the mess that Victoria’s in, look over here, a nifty identity politics trick.”

This all comes hot on the heels of the Victorian Government’s announcement confirming the appointment of the first Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner, Dr Niki Vincent — an appointment skipped by most media outlets, but this identity politics mania infects the bureaucracy, not just the ALP, at a time that the utterly inept response to coronavirus has shown Victorian’s need a practical and capable public service.

Vincent will, as The Spectator Australia reported at the time, “head up a new unaccountable and powerful identity-politics-based bureaucracy which will divide and dehumanise Victorians… The new Commissioner will be nothing less than the legal enforcer of radical and divisive identity politics… public servants will become quotas and targets based on immutable characterises like sex and race, rather than individuals with different qualities.”

After all, if Victorians are divided and dehumanised sufficiently, they won’t notice the flaming wreckage that’s become their brave new world.

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