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Cassie Sainsbury: when privilege breaks the narrative

2 November 2017

7:05 PM

2 November 2017

7:05 PM

So, the deal is done.

Cassie Sainsbury, the 22-year-old woman from Adelaide caught with 5.8 kilos of cocaine, has been sentenced to six years for drug trafficking.

Back in April, she pleaded guilty to charges having been caught with the drugs hidden in her luggage leaving Bogotá airport.

After the paperwork was signed, her lawyer Orlando Herran said the judge had factored in claims she was forced to carry the drugs due to threats made against her family.

“He was taking into account all the stories related to the case in which she was subjected to a lot of threats by third parties,” he said.

Frankly, if he were taking into consideration “all the stories”, he’d still be ploughing through them.

It seems Herran is referring to the now infamous ‘Angelo’ who apparently threatened Sainsbury via WhatsApp on a mobile phone she’d forgotten the passcode for.

That was just one thread of a seriously tangled web of constantly moving confusion Sainsbury’s been spinning for months.

“She’s lucky because the amount of the drugs was very big,” Herran said.

Lucky doesn’t really come close, does it?

With time already served she could be home in April 2020. That’s a far cry from the possible 30 years she was facing.

No wonder people are asking how different the ending to this story could have been if she wasn’t a pretty blonde.

How awkward it must be for feminists when their fictitious ramblings about male privilege are so publically and indisputably destroyed.

Illustration: Cassie Sainsbury/Instagram.

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