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Slow clap for Dan Andrews

13 September 2017

7:30 AM

13 September 2017

7:30 AM

All hail the vain Pied Piper of Victoria!

Daniel Andrews – we will call him Dan – Premier of Victoria has reportedly spent $280,000 of taxpayer’s money on Facebook promotions. The Herald Sun revealed on Tuesday that at least $281,469 has been spent on promoting his Facebook page.

Yes, just promoting it.

No, that doesn’t include staffing costs to run the social media accounts.

No, that doesn’t include production costs of the fancy videos that are frequently shared either.

Who thinks Dan is a tad obsessed with his own profile? Opposition leader Matthew Guy for one. “Three years in and Daniel Andrew’s priority is buying Facebook friends for his vanity project rather than solving chronic congestion,” Guy said. “This Premier puts his ego first and people second.”

Interestingly, the news comes just days after Dan’s other vanity project. The Pied Piper of Victoria announced he was spending $600,000 on helping asylum seekers cut off by the Coalition.

Apparently, the Pied Piper of Victoria knows best.

He merrily skipped in to offer accommodation and basic living costs for more than 100 asylum seekers living in the state after the federal government cut welfare payments.

Question one: Can we remember that “government-funded housing” is actually our hard-earned tax dollars?

Question two: Why are we paying them welfare?

Question three: Why, Dan, do you think you know better than the government?

“Forced onto Victoria’s streets to freeze, languish and starve. That’s what Malcolm Turnbull has just done to over 100 people seeking asylum,” the Pied Piper of Victoria tip-tapped on Twitter.

In a statement, he said, “Malcolm Turnbull might be prepared to stand by and let these families starve while they wait to leave Australia – but we won’t. We’re making sure these families will have a roof over their head, clothes on their back and food on the table.”

It’s interesting that the Pied Piper prioritises asylum seekers over Australian men.

Let’s not forget, Dan, that yours is a state that offers no domestic violence shelters or assistance to men fleeing violent homes. They aren’t ensured a roof over their head, clothes on their back or food on the table, are they?

Perhaps the Pied Piper of Victoria should put down his distracting magic flute, take his eager eye off counting his Facebook likes, and reconsider his priorities?

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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