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Happy Australia Day Daniel Andrews – you hideous hypocrite

24 January 2021

5:01 PM

24 January 2021

5:01 PM

There are many words I could choose to describe Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews. In the spirit of Australia Day, I will be kind and go with hypocrite.

Margaret Court will be officially declared a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC) on Tuesday for her success as a tennis player and mentoring of young sportspeople.  

Apparently, that’s not good enough.  

Sports skill, and supportive spirit towards upcoming talent, is not enough if your name is Margaret Court and you happen to hold Christian beliefs about marriage.  

Court opposed same-sex marriage and therefore, in the eyes of the left, she is permanently cancelled. Totally shredded, dance on her grave, cancelled by loudmouth lefties, The Project favourite Magda Szubanski, who is wheeled out every single time there’s an opportunity to dish out more lashes to anyone who dares to believe anything other than the hateful love is love crew. 

Adding to the chorus of criticism is Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. He stepped up to say Court’s views were “out of step” with the Australian public.  

When he’d hopped down from his soapbox, he clicked onto his social media to knock her further.  

“Grand Slam wins don’t give you some right to spew hatred and create division,” he wrote. “Nothing does.” 

So, it’s fine for Andrews to criticise women who he disagrees with politically to a point reasonable thinkers could well construe as abuse? 

His words aren’t classified as “violence” when directed towards a woman, because he’s of the left?  

Court was the first woman to complete a singles grand slam during tennis’s open era, winning all four major tournaments in a calendar year, but don’t mention that because she doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage? 

Her record of 24 major singles titles still stands, but scratch out that scoreboard because left-wing activists loathe her? 

Not enough women win awards, but make sure each and every one holds identical political views? 

If any male conservative politician, let alone a state premier, had reacted that way to, say, Jane Caro’s gong, they’d be under pressure to resign.  

I don’t believe everything Margaret Court believes, but she’s a good woman who has helped an awful lot of people and runs a welfare service in WA 

Unlike a certain state premier, she was not responsible for making decisions, which caused the deaths of 800 people last year.  

Zip it, Andrews.  

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