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Hanson’s the only hope for family court reform

28 September 2017

4:31 PM

28 September 2017

4:31 PM

It sounded like good news at first.

Attorney General George Brandis announced he’s commissioned a review of the family law system in Australia. This will be the first review since the Family Court commenced in 1976.

“This review is necessary and long overdue,” Brandis said in a statement. “Australian families and their needs have significantly evolved since the 1970s.”

So far, so good?

Not so fast. Optimism swiftly fades when he continues.

The review will be lead by Professor Helen Rhoades who he states has “extensive experience and a deep knowledge of family law.”

When Pauline Hanson spoke on Sunrise on Thursday morning, a glimmer of hope shone. Like her or loathe her, Hanson is the voice of the people on this issue. She’s outspoken in joining the dots between family law failure and male suicide. She’s right in saying reform is crucial and fathers need to be considered equally.

Rhoades is not a fan of shared care.

In a piece entitled, “The Dangers Of Shared Care Legislation”, Rhoades mentions Jennifer McIntosh and writes, “shared care was a source of ‘psychological strain’” when parental conflict is high.”

She moves her focus to “family violence”.

She writes about “child exposure to ‘frequent conflict’ – to determine children’s best interests.”

She adds, “In this vein, a number of family law scholars have argued… that a default or starting position of shared time is ‘a simple solution to a knotty problem’.”

I read and I read and I feel hope extinguished.

Amid media furore, Brandis has since clarified the review is not to “appease” Pauline Hanson. He told ABC TV, “It is something I have wanted to do for quite some time, going back to before Senator Hanson was a member of parliament.” He says he has been in discussion with “other stakeholders”.

Ah, “stakeholders”. Interesting word in this context.

We all know who has a vested interest in family law.

Rosie Batty might as well conduct the review.

Hanson, keep your eye on the truth.

Keep speaking honestly.

In a sea of nodding sheeple wearing pink pussy hats who refuse to acknowledge what’s really going on in this area, you are a lone voice of reason.

Shout louder.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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