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UK public rejects Yassmin after nasty remarks about flag

29 June 2022

1:41 PM

29 June 2022

1:41 PM

It’s happened again. Left-wing activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied has insulted her host country on Twitter, triggering an angry response from citizens.

After making tasteless and widely criticised comments in 2017 about Anzac Day in Australia, Yassmin ‘fled’ to the ‘safety’ of England.

Now, one English woman has sent her a furious letter insisting that Yassmin ‘leave’ after calling the British flag ‘very offensive’ and a ‘waking nightmare’.

‘There are union jacks every where [cry face] it’s like a waking nightmare.’

Insulting a country’s national flag isn’t what you’d call being ‘a good guest’ – which is what she is. A guest.

Yassmin must have known that her comments would incite public backlash, given that she made them on Twitter during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee – a time of great pride and celebration in everything British – including the flag.

The letter came with a social media storm accusing her of displaying the same sort of insensitivity as last time.

Perhaps when Yassmin manages over 90 years of near flawless service to the Commonwealth there will be some public sympathy for her Twitter rants…? Until then, the indigenous people of both Australia and the UK are growing tired of her deriding their heritage.

The letter reads:

You are simply an engineer of social discord and division.

This country, that you insult, has given you a home and opportunities and the freedom to spout your disgusting comments – which I found very offensive.

Can I make a formal complaint against you, nope, no tick box criteria, I’m just a natural and now very offended Indigenous British woman.

If you are so offended or upset about all the British flags flying for an important British celebration, why not move?

Please, don’t let us stop you, I’m sure your fellow countrymen/women would love you to return there and support them; all the new opportunities you’ll have.

But finally, by law, even us British have the RIGHT to our culture, history and religion – to mention a few – WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION. And people not born here have no right to interfere with such.

Freedom of speech? Don’t let the door hit your arse on the way out. Bit like Australia, huh?

Don’t you like your country with your flags?

Don’t you feel ashamed, getting away with so much just because you tick the right boxes? Eww, I have more pride and self respect.

Yassmin’s disrespect for the indigenous culture of the United Kingdom, her offensive remarks and degrading – borderline hateful – commentary on its historic symbols make her little better than the so-called ‘oppressors’ that she spends her time talking about.

Originally from the Sudan, Yassmin received a similar tide of anger after her tweets about the sacred and cherish Anzac Day when she tried to co-opt the event for refugee activism which painted her as insensitive to the cultural and historically important aspects of Australia – a country that gave her a home.

Despite apologising for that particular post (no doubt after realising that no one supported her), Yassmin has shown that she learned nothing.

Mocking, demeaning, or making hateful remarks about a nation and its culture is painting left-wing activists in an increasingly poor light. After all, these Western nations are the cultures that offered safe havens to migrants like Yassmin fleeing barbaric patriarchies in the third world.

The least Yassmin could do is respect them.

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