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Essex police monitor Pride tweets for 'hate'

15 June 2022

8:00 AM

15 June 2022

8:00 AM

Are they police, or are they ideological enforcers?

That’s the question many people are asking after British police tweeted their support for Pride Month while, at the same time, warning that they would be monitoring responses to their tweet for hate crimes.

Essex police took time out from policing crime to promote LGBTQ+ lifestyles by raising the Pride Progress Flag outside police headquarters on Monday.

It used to be a Gay Pride Flag, but these days ‘gay’ is not diverse or inclusive enough, so it’s just general ‘Pride’ by which is meant ‘whoopee for everything not heterosexual’.

Alongside a photo of police running the Pride Progress Flag up the constabulary flag pole, police tweeted:

We celebrate diversity by raising the Pride Progress flag for #PrideMonth at our HQ & to honour those who championed for equality before us! #WeValueDifference #PoliceinPride…’

So far so gay.

Police celebrate diversity, love difference, champion equality, and cheer for queers.


It appears they can turn a blind eye to gang rapes in Rochdale and fail to curb knife crime in London, all the while glittering and sparkling. We get it.

Residents of Essex must be thrilled to live in such a crime-free paradise that local coppers have the time and capacity to wrap themselves in rainbows.

But then, ominously, came this…

*We’re monitoring our posts. All hate crime will be reported & investigated*’

Law enforcement officers are now promoting LGBTQ+ lifestyles while preemptively threatening action against anyone who dares to disagree with them.

And they call this policing? Is it entrapment? Or is this a camp version of George Orwell’s 1984?

Frightening people into silence for fear of straying across an undefined, entirely subjective line, is a subversion of the police force.

Why would anyone volunteer to talk to police if they are in the habit of using social media to issue threats over contested cultural issues and personal preferences like sexual orientation or gender?

Whatever happened to ‘without fear or favour’?

Essex police are in a position of power over citizens and know they can throw their weight around, even if it is wholly inappropriate for them to do so.

Meanwhile, according to the force’s in-house crime statistics, theft of motor vehicles is up 9.2 per cent, homicide is up 10 per cent, robbery of business property is up 18 per cent, and rape is up 44.8 per cent.

Never mind all that. If you dare to say that men can’t become women the Essex police will deploy all the resources at their disposal to track you down and charge you with being hurty.

What is it that you call a State in which anything that could be interpreted as criticism of the regime elicits a visit from the police, even if no law is violated or crime committed?

Is it a hate crime to describe the Essex police as fascists?

What if we just laugh at them? Is that illegal?

Anyway, why do Australians care that Essex Police are gone all Benito Woke Mussolini?

In an increasingly globalised world in which governments and corporations reject free thought in order to play follow the virtue signalling leader, ideological stupidity must be called out wherever it is found so that our own ruling class knows it will not be tolerated here.

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