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The strange sexism of Anita Recount

12 November 2020

6:44 PM

12 November 2020

6:44 PM

Forget bonk ban. The real sex hang-ups — or more accurately — sexuality hang-ups seem to be from progressive types who can’t keep their hands off it when it comes to bagging a defeated Donald Trump.  

Like New Yorker columnist Jeffrey Toobin who forgot the camera was on during a Zoom editorial conference, they need immediate release from four years of pent-up orange man frustrations and don’t care how messy it gets as they hit that social media post button. 

The latest meme doing the rounds depict a Photoshopped slightly distorted Trump face as an unattractive old woman with makeup, wig and lipstick added. Not wanting to get into gender stereotypes here (but hey, they started it) I gather the meme is mocking Trump by saying he looks like a fairly elderly drag queen called ‘Anita Recount’. So I’m presuming the point is that just about the most humiliating and mocking thing you can say about anyone is that they look like an old woman, a drag queen or both. 

Viewing the Facebook Wall of a self-declared progressive who is big on the whole don’t be sexist, everything’s fluid deal, he doubles down with not one but two Trump is a woman née drag queen memes. There’s Anita Recount but also Trump in fright wig, pouty lips with the tag of America’s Drama Queen. It’s like a John Waters’ documentary about Andy Warhol’s Factory, with hair and make-up by Noam Chomsky’s less politically aware idiot son. 

Now excuse my I-wasn’t-really-listening-during-class Women’s Studies 101 analysis but isn’t this just enlisting old sexist tropes that diminish powerful women in the bigger cause of laughing at The Donald or something?  

In short, given it’s the left who seem to be setting all the rules on language, sexuality and stereotyping these days shouldn’t we expect that they stick to the rules themselves even if they really, really didn’t enjoy the past four years of Trump? 

Besides didn’t president-elect Joe Biden, in a very good speech that AOC seems to have missed as she is busy making her list of Trump supporters who will never hold another job, say we all need to get along and stop with the memes? I guess he never mentioned drag queens. 

Look, I’ve listened to Australia’s greatest feminist commentators: PVO, Mike Carlton, Karl Stefanovic and the guy who does the late-night weather on the ABC and I know what constitutes sexism against women or people who would like to be treated as women and basically anyone who has ever known a woman. I’m pretty sure going by their rules Photoshopped Trump-drag is not ok even if it is in the cause of mocking the greatest Just Like Hitler in history since the last one who I think was either John Howard or Joseph Goebbels. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a bit of an anything-goes kind of guy when it comes to free speech, social media posts and whatever you get up to in your own time during a Zoom conference (if someone could please pass me my medicinal marijuana and copy of Nautilus Machine Weekly). So please, keep posting away with the Trump Drag memes. But if you could spare us the sanctimonious lectures or next time we’ll have you added to AOC’s list. 

Michael Scammell does not condone recreational meme posting. He writes at https://mdswords.wordpress.com and Tweets at @MichaelScammell.

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