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In which the Mad F–king Witches jump the shark…

14 August 2020

6:06 PM

14 August 2020

6:06 PM

Up the sisterhood? Solidarity forever? Beyond question, at the appropriate juncture, in due course, in the fullness of time? Up to a point?

We’re not going to name her because she’s too sensible to do the victim act, but for most of the month a Melbourne member of the media has been hammered by the vilest abuse on Twitter — death threats down — for simply doing her job.

It happened again today.

So how have our favourite feminists responded?

If you’re anything other than borderline psychotic, you usually want to delete the app and have a half-hour shower after even catching a whiff of the cesspool that is Twitter, but this truly proves that it’s not only vile, but a looking glass world.

Yes. We’re taking their remarks as literal. After all their constant carry-on like teenagers with Tourettes it’s not as if you could ever say the Witches have the slightest concept of irony, let alone touch.

They’re more into bludgeoning with a brick. Bludgeoning other women too — or so it appears.

Perhaps they should slightly rearrange their epithet. Not Mad Fucking Witches, but Fucking Mad.

Illustration: Paramount Television.

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