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Grating Greta jumps the shark

10 August 2021

2:08 PM

10 August 2021

2:08 PM

She’s back – but not for very long, if this is what she’s been reduced to.

Remember back to those strange days before corona came? Remember Greta Thunberg? Remember her manic stare? Her zany catchphrase “How dare you!” – let alone “Skolstrejk för klimatet”?

Well, to coincide with the release of the IPCC report finding the end of the world is nigh – again – Greta’s back. Back, but jumping the shark.

She’s on the cover of the latest Vogue Scandinavia – just out – and, at the same time, has taken to Twitter denouncing…  the fashion industry.

Marx used to claim the contradictions of capitalism would lead to its inexorable collapse.

That never happened, but Greta’s grating has surely doomed her cause once and for all – not to mention the fact that we have a real problem right now with coronavirus.

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