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Collective guilt?

14 June 2020

5:00 AM

14 June 2020

5:00 AM

The iconic flags flutter from masts behind the podium. A woman stands before the microphone dressed in black, her mask covering so much of her face that only her eyes can be seen. Her left arm is raised and extended; her fist is clenched. Slowly her gaze pans the black-clad mob until they bend to her will and are quiet. “How do you plead today, white Australians?” she asks. She pauses. “GUILTY” She screams. 

It is not a question, it is a statement of fact. 

The mob howls with rage. “GUILTY!” they scream back. “GUILTY!” 

The woman in black pumps the air with her fist and the mob follow suit. “Fear us,” she screams. “Fear those who know that black lives matter. Fear for your white privilege; it is finished. You are all guilty. White privilege is guilty!” She pumps the air again and the mob howl.

In the middle of the seething, emotional crowd a group of men and women stand, hands by their sides. 

“White fascists,” the woman in black shouts into the microphone, pointing to the group. “Kneel!” the mob screams and forces one of them to his knees. 

“KNEEL!” they scream. “KNEEL before your peers!” And as if moved by some greater force rather than their own cowardice, the group bend their knee and kneel with heads bowed as if in prayer. “We are guilty of white privilege,” they all say.

“Stone them for their ideology!” she screams.

Couldn’t happen, you say? It will never reach that point. 

Sorry. It already has. While some are being forced with threats of violence to supplicate themselves before mobs, the mob are killing members of the police force with stones, bricks and bullets. And, all the while, the public cowards voluntarily supplicate themselves by bending the knee to show solidarity with the mob; partnership with the mob; to show their cowardice. 

The madness of collective guilt cowardice has been flown around the world on a web of left-wing gossamer but it is most evident in America as documented here:

A crowd in Webster, Massachusetts, recently forced Police Chief Michael Shaw to lie face-down on the ground for eight minutes. In Cary, North Carolina, a group of Caucasians washed the feet of black organizers to “ask for forgiveness.” Not to be outdone by the latest woke trends, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took a knee at a massive anti-racism protest at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Worse, kneeling—either figuratively or literally—doesn’t even satisfy the mob. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said all the “right” things to the radical leftists holding Guilt Court but was still heckled out of a public square for refusing to defund the police department. The truth is, even mobs tire of the readily subservient and easily obedient.

At this particular moment, that collective guilt is attributed solely on the colour of your skin: white America is collectively guilty because the police officer who killed George Floyd was white. But whiteness is only one incidence associated with humankind. What about sex, nationality, ethnicity or religion? 

Remember when left-wing feminists asserted the collective guilt of all white men because some men rape women and some men murder their wives?  Even though the latter is more prevalent proportionately in black communities there was no black male collective guilt.

What about ethnicity or nationality? Are all people of German descent collectively guilty because the final solution was German? Are those of Chinese descent collectively guilty because Chinese soldiers murdered thousands in Tiananmen Square? Is every black man collectively guilty of the murder of hundreds of thousands of black men, women and children in Rwanda because they are ethnically related? 

According to the media, all Roman Catholic clergy are guilty because some were paedophiles, but all Muslims are not guilty of the murderous actions of Al Quaeda or Isis.

Or does this madness only stop when left-wing protesters are held collectively guilty for the violence of fellow demonstrators, whether or not they are members of Antifa? Isn’t left-wing ideology an incidence?

Dr David Long is a retired solicitor and economist.

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