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Thanks for the speech, Prime Minister, but there is nothing normal about our ‘new normal’

26 May 2020

4:02 PM

26 May 2020

4:02 PM

As our world experiences vast arrays of change as a result of COVID-19, we keep hearing new phrases which albeit were unfathomable and inconceivable only a few months ago.

Slogans like ‘social distancing’ ‘self-isolating’ and ‘stay at home’ are fed to us on a daily basis from positions of power and, as a result, have become part of our everyday vocabulary.

We were told it was only to flatten the curve, yet with the curve well and truly flat, we are now told to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

These novel concepts dictate this ‘new normal’ but one is left bewildered as to what is exactly ‘normal’ about our new unsocial world.

After all, in the space of just a few months, we have witnessed the most bizarre occurrence of events.

That is a man being fined $1000 for eating a kebab on a bench, a $6000 game of backyard cricket, a $5000 fine for drinking beers at a pub without eating and then there’s the footage of a police car almost running over a man’s head for reading a book in a Sydney park.

Then there are the less trivial proceedings which have all resulted in unnecessary deaths.

Such as the delay of life-saving surgeries due to COVID-19 protocol.

Or the early release of prisoners on coronavirus amnesty for them only to commit murder the next day.

Then you can shift the focus of the ‘new normal’ lens onto truly dark catastrophises that have emerged like worldwide economic depression and record unemployment.

Which has opened up further voids such as an increase of 50% in Australian suicides, an increase of 20% in British cancer deaths and 500 million people falling into poverty.

Compulsively washing your hands, distancing yourself from strangers, friends and loved ones and not leaving your house cannot become the new normal.

Virtual concerts, crowd-less stadiums, zoom lectures, work from home, teach from home, contactless-pay, online workouts, no jab no play cannot become the new normal.

All of these new ‘safety measures’ presses the start button for us to enter a new virtual world which is undoubtedly followed by literal loneliness.

Loneliness kills. And if you are separated from the pack, you are easier to control.

It’s how us Homo sapiens herded off the Neanderthals.

Up until about 30,000 years ago, Homo sapiens humans shared the planet with Neanderthals. Even with a larger brain, the Neanderthal would die out due to its individualistic characteristics.

As Homo sapiens brains were better at gathering and organising they eventually outnumbered Neanderthals ten to one; pushing them to less favourable areas where food and shelter were more difficult to find.

It’s in our genes to be together, to socialise and enjoy what little time we have on this planet.

There is nothing normal about the new normal and I think our ancestors would agree.

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