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Once again, it’s time for Western Civilisation to take the lead

26 March 2020

5:00 AM

26 March 2020

5:00 AM

A scared new world awaits. On the other side of a few precarious weeks sits a reality we would appear to be wholly unprepared for. Even those countries who have, for now, avoided the worst of the coronavirus’s ravages, show no signs of preparedness for the great shift that is about to commence. For one brief moment in all human history, the scattered peoples of the world are truly unified behind a common enemy; their own lack of foresight.

We had barely begun to transition from indifference to shock when the flaws in our global society were made apparent. The panic, for it had yet moved on to fear, hit us and at once our globalist assumptions were tested and found wanting. Entire financial systems, built on consumption, began to teeter.

Though they have yet to fall, the grim reality of that possibility is now with us.

Globalisation, in practice and theory, has come to a shuddering halt and a fevered outbreak of stage fright has struck us dumb. Our governments have no answer to our woes other than ‘this too must pass’. Bunker down as best you can and hope to God you survive.

Across the globe almost every industry bar those on public funds are at threat. Humanity is about to find how sharply the phrase ‘essential services’ cuts as whole communities are shut down from cafes to churches. The stark difference between needs and wants will not be divined by moral arguments but strictly economic ones. 

Simultaneously the world will witness the birth of new nations. They will be freed, if only for a time, of the self-imposed shackles that made the globalist view unopposable in polite society. What was once sold as progressive views have been revealed, stripped of their PR self-flattery, as digressive views. Western Civilisation had taken itself off its arc that ever bent towards freedom and allowed itself to fall under the domination of ideologies that sought to subvert the West.

The left, honest Iagos all, whispering fears, guilts and false loves into our ears, drew us into their poorly-crafted, maliciously-wrought fates. For decades they have torn at every moral fibre that made the West what it was. Our men became bearers of toxic masculinity, our women became equal only to men who chose to pretend they were women. Our forefather became racists, our defenders became criminals.

Guilt was spread over everything we had touched and all the good we had fought so hard to bring to the world was put on par with the slightest whim of civilisations far beneath our own. It became normal to look upon our works and see only fault. We taught that to our kids and our kids screamed it at our elders.

Our history was open to daily re-writes, our greatest achievements made level with those of stone-age tribes. We had found that God was indeed dead and that nothing we had done, or were doing mattered. So fast did the guilt spread into the present that what was right and good only a month ago could no be condemned and cast beyond the pale of measured justice.

But how quickly those bonds were loosened. How easily the scales fell from our eyes.

One shudder was all it took. One seismic shudder across the world’s kitchen tables and it all fell away. Faced with mass unemployment, systematic failure of government services and our first look into the eyes of the abyss since 1945, the digressives’ spell vanished.

Find space for gender fluidity in a global pandemic. What carbon emissions will offset this paralysis? What reparations are to be made for this mass failure?

The Temple of Diversity unto which we’ve all been forced to supplicate before cannot endure the failure of unrestrained globalism. The idea that all are equal was wrong. All ideas, all thoughts, all expressions and actions are not equal. What are cultures if not variously assembled frameworks of these? Our Western Civilisation has a value and it is not equal to that of any other. How could it be? Consider all of the variables that go into making a civilisation and how utterly unplausible it would be to suggest every civilisation that ever was added up to the same number.

We cannot deal with all civilisations on the same basis. Observe the vast political divide that splits Canada from the USA or even America’s Southern States from those of its North.

Within every national identity sit a range of regional identities, each unique and protective of their own way. What folly we have taken up to pretend that a globalist system could be established that held no recognition for these differences. The West’s embrace of China has been our downfall. We have built societies on foundations of Chinese manufacturing and incentivised the consumption of Chinese goods.

The left stood as praetorian guards to this nonsense, assaulting any who challenged this system with accusations of racism. Too many on the Right, it is sad to say, let them do it as the money was always good.

As is always the case, hope is our best hope. That inner wish which once whispered begins an ever building echo, becoming in time a wall of sound that nothing can withstand. We can come back from this but not as we were. It is time for the guilt and shame we’ve been taught to carry by those hideous digressive forces, to be left where we fell.

The past must become good again. What Western Civilisation is, what it was and how it got here must be esteemed by the coming generation. Our collective lapse into self-destructive debasement must end. The world is better for Western Civilisation’s success and now depends upon its survival.

Globalism must be seen as incompatible with the retention of Western Civilisation’s momentum. Mixing Western ideals with others does not result in raising the standards of those who trail us, neither does it even us all out. We become pray for any nation that dares ignore the rules.

Now we start again. Something new is coming and it will be made in the West.

Garth Hamilton has worked with governments around the world to deliver significant infrastructure and policy outcomes. He writes on issues facing right of centre politics, stating the case for a compassionate conservatism and strength in leadership.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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