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Fluid factism grips the world

27 December 2019

5:00 AM

27 December 2019

5:00 AM

For holiday reading I have dived into non-fiction books filled with facts and hard evidence (cod, salt, volcanoes, earthquakes), to escape the woke fictions of today’s irrational world where gender is fluid, climate science is wrangled to support opposing arguments, presidential impeachment of Donald Trump clings to assumptions, murder convictions lack evidence.

Welcome to the deranged new world of fluid factismA world in which men can be women, historically unremarkable climate can be catastrophicinnocence can be guilt. It just depends on what you want to believe — or what you wish to propagandise. And which media you consume.  

On the eve of 2020idiotic identity politics has reached peak implementation, climate concerns are hyped into hysteria and egregious miscarriages of justice linger uncorrected, with the innocent languishing in prison. 

Absence of evidence is the common thread.  

Woke activists twist and torture speech in an Orwellian marathon denying the evidence of reality. This maddening wokeness needs to be addressed directly. To wokeness warriors with all their fact-manipulating words, we should just say (often and loudly) ‘This is not 1984, so eff off.’  

  • Nasty climate hysteria demands the bravest and wisest political response: it must be discredited. You can’t pay lip service to the emissions fraud in formulating policy which is just a bit pregnant with it, as Scott Morrison and his cabinet seem to be trying to do. Enslaved as our politicians are by the ruling orthodoxy, honesty would be a great way to escape; ‘the truth sets you free’ no? Use the political capital secured at the last election, Prime Minister. Donald Trump has led the way and the sky has not fallen in as that silly saying goes. In fact, his polls are rising, albeit that is helped by the Democrats’ dumb and dishonest impeachment fiasco – again, absent of evidence.  (If you are following it, you would see the damage caused, both to democracy and the Democrats.) 
  • An attack on the stranglehold of the climate orthodoxy can be mounted on the back of the factors that characterise the research into climate science: the deep uncertainty as to the drivers of any warming and to the observable facts rooted in aeons of geology. Geologist Ian Plimer‘s clearly articulated article in this very magazine is a great platform to launch such a counter-attack. A direct assault on the fraudulent manipulation and misrepresentation of data is the only way out of the prison of the enforced climatological orthodoxy. There are plenty of scientists and papers and data to support the assaultAs Plimer writes: ‘Evidence from the past is why geologists regard human-induced global warming as total nonsense.” Note the word ‘evidence’. 
  •  Speaking of prison … In the coming year, the High Court will decide on Cardinal George Pell’s appeal against his historic child sexual abuse conviction; Tasmania‘s Supreme Court will hear Sue Neill-Fraser’s new appeal against her 2010 murder conviction; in NSW the Supreme Court will hear Robert Xie’s appeal against his 2017 multiple murder convictions. What these three cases have in common is an arguable absence of any direct evidence against the accused. And these aren‘t the only cases to have suffered evidence deprivation.

For 2020 to be a positive year for the world, we need to demand honesty, courage, truth, justice and 2020 political vision from all our institutions — and evidence.

Andrew L. Urban is the author of Murder by the Prosecution (Wilkinson Publishing) and publishes the blog wrongfulconvictionsreport.org 

Illustration: Pinterest.

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