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Yassmin: democracy is always a risk for those of us who know better

19 May 2019

3:22 PM

19 May 2019

3:22 PM

You don’t really think a night like last night would have gone by without a pithy and pertinent observation from Yassmin Abdel-Magiel.

Feeling her relevance back here slipping (and the modesty requirements of her faith preventing her from Instagramming browneye pictures to us all), Yassmin offered this insult:

Yep. It’s a terrible thing, democracy. Ordinary people actually vote differently from the way those who think that they are their superiors tell them to.

Also among the Twits, Jane Caro threatened to move to New Zealand. Since you’ve already come here from Pommmy Land, Jane, you welcome just to use us as a transit lounge. Indeed, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

And this curiosity appeared from bogan big-nose Meshel Laurie (who we think is sorta famous somehow):

Darling, we have a very strong impression no money whatsoever from wheresoever was paid to your parent(s) education if that’s how they think you spell “Michelle”.

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