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We can’t get a Greta, but bring on Bella…

2 May 2019

1:37 PM

2 May 2019

1:37 PM

Gaia be praised! Greta Thunberg was otherwise occupied, but Richard Di Natale’s got himself his very own election klimate katastrophist kiddie (or KKK, for short).

Scott? Larissa? BRING ON BELLA!

Did you notice that “Thanks you”? Bella’s obviously already had good Green teachers who have taught her that grammar is a tool of class oppression.

There’s just that surname that makes the Greens’ Greta problematic. Burgemeister.

The Watermelons would probably like to see someone with such a bourgeois handle out of the city and learning the virtues of peasant labour, Khmer Rouge style.

Illustration: MGM.

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