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12 April 2019

4:19 PM

12 April 2019

4:19 PM

We’re not exactly sure as to precisely when advertising agencies started to view their marketing services as political advocacy, but the folks over at Gillette have turned ‘woke capitalism’ into an art form. Not content with railing against the ‘toxic masculinity’ of the patriarchy, Gillette is now championing the latest social justice cause as evidenced by their latest ad campaign:

Yep, that’s right. Using their particular brand of razor blades will give women in particular joy and self-confidence in their body-image, even if they are morbidly obese. But, while no one should be shamed as to how they look, surely diabetes and other related health issues are not merely a matter of being a social construct? Gillette Venus quickly clarified their marketing position by tweeting:

But what about people who like having a bit of body hair? Are they somehow or other less than those who have decided to shave it all off? And if not, then how does Gillette compensate for discriminating between the two?

All that this advertising campaign ultimately, proves is that the virtue-signalling of some major corporations knows no end. As long as it increases their bottom line. And one of the most adamant social justice warriors for ‘marginalised’ and the ‘oppressed’ minority groups’ is none other than Gillette.

We got a taste of their wokeness a little while ago when Gillette pronounced that they were opposed to toxic masculinity. However, the irony was that in reality, the advertisement was an attack on true masculinity itself. Because, as Hrishikesh Athalye has observed, the problem with Gillette employing the strategy of ‘woke capitalism’ is that:

Playing on the toxic masculinity notion, people are bound to feel why someone like Gillette should have an authority to lecture them on masculinity. What is Gillette’s real contribution to the #metoo movement? What efforts has Gillette taken to empower women besides changing its tagline to suit its own profit driven motive?

As one Twitter user was quick to point out, though, if Gillette is now going to completely champion everything from toxic masculinity to transgenderism, then maybe they stick with their original tagline of, “The Best a Man can get”. Because as can be seen below, it doesn’t take much to prove just how fully woke a man—whoops, we mean ma’am—can be.

Illustration: Gillette/Twitter.

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