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CBD: when it comes to principle vs principal, Australian Rugby outdoes any pol

16 April 2019

12:15 PM

16 April 2019

12:15 PM

Our perspicacious political insider writes exclusively:

Freedom should never be an election issue. Just imagine if people started voting on the basis of government getting out of their lives? There would be nothing for us CBDers to do. Ponder the evils of less regulation,less tax, and most dastardly of all  personal freedom which of necessity would include freedom of speech.

And when people demand freedom of speech the next demand will be freedom of religion. A slippery slope if ever there was one. Why should such anachronistic , yet quaint , concepts be entertained at all let alone during the sensitive period of an election where the masses think they might actually be able to change an outcome.

When you are blessed with CBDers regulating and determining everything and our nirvana … oops the people’s paradise is within reach why would you allow the hard right to raise disruptive irrelevancies like freedom.

So Australian Rugby needs to be congratulated for bowing to QANTAS. When principal ($4 million) is at stake Australian Rugby show their principals matter.

Poor deluded Israel Folau thinks he lives in a country with freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Thankfully Australian Rugby is making it obvious that there is PC and there is PC. No Australian would want Player Capacity to trump( such a crass word these days) Political Correctness. Selecting on the basis of merit is so five minutes ago. Who cares if Australia loses? Sure some of Folau’s Islander types and Western Sydney allsorts might but, hey, we want diversity. Here in Canberra we’re more concerned about the real PC.

Qantas’ threat to pull sponsorship is fully saluted by CBDers. (Just wish they wouldn’t put their hand straight out as opposed to next to their head).

When you think everything is settled out come the hard right truth tellers – they really are unflushable…

Qantas wanting Folau banned because of his comment about unrepentant homosexuals and hell is completely consistent with their commercial relationship with another airline owned by a government which doesn’t only tell homosexuals what might happen to them in eternity but allows them to experience eternity that little bit earlier, Royal Brunei. Why can’t the hard right see that?

The deathly silence of SM and BS on this matter is welcomed by CBDers. They are to be applauded. But , yet again the hard right truth tellers who are developing this annoying and quite unnecessary habit of exposing hypocrisy are having their say.

The asking of questions can be very corrosive and needs to be stopped. How are the simple Islander folk and those Western Sydney types to make sense of Folau’s ban when the truth tellers remind them that a certain leader of a certain religion said   “Homosexuals and adulterers should be put to death, and women who commit adultery should be hung by their breasts in the town square” is invited to dinner with PM Turnbull and Folau’s career is destroyed. As though there is any moral relativism between the two! Really!

Us CBDers hope SM and BS stay firm and don’t allow principle to override principal, or allow true PC to be overridden by the other hideous PC, let alone engage in campaigning on the last millennial concepts of personal freedoms.

CBD will be contributing regularly throughout the campaign. 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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