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Feminism versus democracy

27 August 2018

5:14 PM

27 August 2018

5:14 PM

In times of chaos and crisis, it is said that people show their true colours. In the whirlwind of crazy that unfolded in Canberra last week far left feminists also showed theirs. It appears they want to create a feminist protection racket rather than running a system of government through elected representatives. The rally cry is, ‘to hell with democracy, promote females every time”.

And so, they wasted no time in wheeling out their favourite whinge when the Liberals didn’t vote Bishop into the top job.

This is, they say, because she’s a woman.

Do they really see the world in such simplistic terms?

Apparently so.

Now that Julie Bishop has resigned from the front bench and the coalition has crashed in the polls, they are screeching their rally cry even louder.

In a revealing article in the Sydney Morning Herald today, Bishop is berated for saying at the National Press Club in 2014, “Feminist [is] not a term that I find particularly useful these days.”

She is berated further for refusing to acknowledge the existence of a glass ceiling and saying she would never blame the fact she’s a woman for career limitations.

“It would be interesting to know if, after being the first to be eliminated from Friday’s ballot for the new leader of the Liberal Party, Bishop might now have a little more clarity on the relevance and use of feminism these days,” the SMH piece asks.

So, feminism is “relevant” because women don’t always succeed?

Feminism is “relevant” because women don’t always win?

Feminism is “relevant” because women aren’t always the best choice for the job?

Feminism is “relevant” because white men still secure promotions?

And, feminism is “useful” because by opting into the club, the feminist protection racket will ensure there is a suitable quota for every eventuality and ensure its own are well looked after?

Got it.

“Because, let’s face it if there was no glass ceiling to limit women in parliament, if women really do have equal access to power and opportunity, Julie Bishop would have spent the weekend moving in The Lodge rather than announcing her resignation from Cabinet,” SMH continues. “Bishop is unpalatable to the pack of pale, male and stale sexist, racist homophobes who speak the loudest in the Liberal party room.”

It continues, “Even from half a world away it was clear that Bishop was the obvious choice to replace Turnbull.”

And concludes, “On days like these, it’s clear that feminism isn’t just useful, it’s urgently needed.”

At least the crystal clear rules for their blatant push for power are defined in black and white.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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