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Excuse me, but this consent strategy is bonkers

8 July 2018

7:18 PM

8 July 2018

7:18 PM

Drum roll… NSW’s new Sexual Assault Strategy has been released. Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Minister Pru Goward told Daily Telegraph, “If you want sex you have to ask for it and if you want that sex, you have to say yes.” She added, “It is a responsibility, both in the ask and in the reply.”

Clear as mud then?

This is as ridiculous as when Human Rights wizard Gillian Triggs said it was sad that people could say what they liked around their own dinner tables. Now, the government wants to dish out consent scripts for the bedroom. They are not content with policing conversation now they’ll be policing chatter between the sheets.

Anyone who can’t see a problem with the nanny state playing sex police can feel comfortable voting for Labor, Liberal or the Greens. These are the same goons who will lecture you about the “male gaze” because, of course, women never ever look at good-looking men. Ever.

Goward’s reforms will include $1 million advertising campaign targeting pubs, clubs and universities on how to “obtain a clear yes”. No news yet on whether that will include a lawyer.

On social media the message will be “no means no” because, of course, no one has ever thought to put those words together before.

On beer coasters anyone still drinking in bars or clubs will find slogans like “silence is not a yes”.

The foaming at the mouth fem-squad are currently busy twisting statistics which actually show a rise in reporting rather than a definitive increase in sexual assault to justify this nonsense.

When will someone speak up and put an end to this ridiculousness? Do these politicians think we don’t see they’re making up absolutely insane garbage to justify juicy wages and line their pockets?

Get out of our bedrooms!

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