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Downer, the Democrats and the Donald

25 July 2018

1:37 PM

25 July 2018

1:37 PM

It can be difficult for us Australians at this distance to understand the Democratic Party’s obsession with Donald Trump; especially when the media provides such limited insight into the major players. I don’t think the leaked recording of his vulgarity, prior to the election actually has anything to do with it. You can get worse on cable any night of the week.

But here’s some news. Do you remember Alexander Downer, our Ambassador to the UK? That’s him. Yes, fishnet stockings. You might have seen a US report, that Alex (he doesn’t mind if I call him that) is not only a big supporter of the Clintons – he gave the Clinton Foundation $25 million to fight aids – he also passed on information to the FBI that the Russians had some nasty info on Hillary.

It has become pretty clear, however, that the fires of obsession are being stoked from high up. You only have to look at the people who are shouting the loudest on CNN, in the Washington Post or the New York Times, The Hill and other left-wing media (like Your ABC – cue music, Faith Hill, This Kiss) to recognise the leadership is coming from the Obama administration.

What has not been easy to find, however, has been the face of Obama himself. At least, not until very recently. From the details of the recently released FISA court applications that haven’t been redacted, it’s now evident that the only supporting material provided to the Court (contrary to what the FBI said) was the Steele dossier that was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee for no other purpose than to smear Trump.

James Clapper was President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, the nation’s spymaster until he was sacked. He recently told CNN that it was none other than the President himself who started the intelligence assessment of Donald Trump including the Special Counsel Mueller investigation. The real fly in the US ointment appears to have been John Brennan who was Obama’s Director of the CIA.

We all saw last week how deep Brennan’s hatred of Trump runs when he screamed his unhinged comments that Trump’s press conference with Putin was nothing short of treasonous, exceeding ‘the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanours’ – for a press conference, no less. Brennan, by the way, used to vote for the Communists. Go figure that one.

So the President and Brennan had the Steele dossier but Brennan couldn’t actually do anything as the CIA is not able to undertake domestic spying. So Brennan told the then Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, how the Russians were interfering in the election and Harry Reid wrote to James Comey, the FBI director and told him there was evidence of a direct connection with the Trump campaign.

Once the Democrat research firm, Fusion GPS began leaking the dossier it had Christopher Steele prepare to the media, the FBI investigated  It’s a convoluted path but it all leads back to the collusion of key players  Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Brennan who, it seems were assisting Hillary Clinton’s election campaign.

They were ably assisted by people like James Comey and James Clapper, who were happy to run with the Steele dossier without checking its veracity and Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who were such partisan Democrat supporters that they were prepared to even damage Trump if he became President.

If you want to see some good cross-examination of a witness, watch Rep Trey Gowdy get some admissions from James Comey. Now, you can understand the on-going raucous obsession and the abuse by the Democrats and their supporters of Trump. It is all directed at influencing their voters in the mid-term congressional elections in November. If the Democrats can regain control of Congress, the top-tier Democrats won’t face the criminal charges that are currently looming. If they don’t regain control, there will be some very interesting trials.

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