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Malcolm Turnbull is right on one thing

5 April 2018

6:09 PM

5 April 2018

6:09 PM

A stopped clock is right twice a day. Malcolm Turnbull? Well, he had some very good things to say about Julia Gillard’s opportunistic and malicious attempts to restrict freedom of the press off the back of the News of the World scandal back in 2011, but it had been a long time between drinks. Until this morning.

The PM made the obligatory appearance on Sunrise to say polite things about the Commonwealth Games. And say polite things he did, until the topic switched to social media:

Samantha Armytage: What did you think of the overall ceremony?

Prime Minister: I thought it was brilliant, I thought Migaloo was great. I thought Delta Goodrem and Katie Noonan were great. I also thought the big beach ‘tableau’ I guess, at the beginning you know, it had everybody out on the beach, the picnic umbrellas and so forth, it was fantastic. It was brilliant and the laser show was brilliant, at the end.

Armytage: I thought it was well done too.

David Koch: What do you say to all the grumpy guts out there? There were a lot on social media … Do you tell them just to get a life?

PM: Don’t read it.

Koch: “Get a life,” don’t you agree? 

PM: No, just don’t read it. If you want to stay sane, don’t read all the negative stuff. Social media is dominated by negativity –

Koch: Yeah.

PM: Particularly Twitter. So, stay happy, don’t read it.

To stay happy, to stay sane, don’t read Twitter. Ignore the blowhards and the ratbags. Who could possibly disagree with that?

For one brief shining moment, our Prime Minister was a statesman.

Illustration: Yahoo7.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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