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Official: it’s racist to care about black kids being abused

30 March 2018

2:38 PM

30 March 2018

2:38 PM

What identity politics hath wrought:

Sunrise is under investigation by the broadcasting watchdog over a segment on Aboriginal families that was labelled racist and led to protests outside Channel 7 in Sydney.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority confirmed it was investigating whether the breakfast show had breached the commercial TV code of practice in a panel discussion on white families adopting indigenous children, The Guardian reported.

ACMA said that a “significant amount of community concern has been expressed about that broadcast”, and it had commenced a formal investigation.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge was one of those to lodge a formal complaint with ACMA, claiming panellist Prue MacSween had made “a highly offensive, racist and divisive statement”, and there was no attempt by host Samantha Armytage to condemn or rebuke it.

MacSween said removing the kids was a “no-brainer” and that there was a “conspiracy of silence and fabricated PC outlook that it’s better to leave them in this dangerous environment.”

She added: “Don’t worry about the people who decry and handwring and say, this will be another Stolen Generation … Just like the first Stolen Generation, where a lot of children were taken because it was for their wellbeing, we need to do it again, perhaps.”

If I’m not mistaken, the narrative now goes something like this: there is no epidemic of child abuse and neglect in remote Aboriginal communities, just as there is no epidemic of substance abuse and violence.

Alternatively, there might be an epidemic but it’s racist and bigoted to point that out. And also: if there is an epidemic it’s all the fault of the white society and its racism. To remove children who are victims of abuse and neglect from their families and their communities amounts to cultural genocide, or maybe just a straight-forward genocide, particularly if they are placed with non-Indigenous families.

In the meantime, suffer little children.

Arthur Chrenkoff blogs at The Daily Chrenk where this piece also appears.

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