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Goodbye boozy Tuesday?

11 January 2018

10:22 AM

11 January 2018

10:22 AM

If we had been asked to name the most cuckoo council in Australia in 2017, Melbourne would have stood a good chance at topping the charts.

Well, welcome to 2018, where we may have just stumbled across an explanation for said shockingly shaky string of decisions.

Booze bills for Melbourne Town Hall cost ratepayers $100,000 last year. Does that make your day at work feel even less rewarding?

Much as ‘elitist politicians’ was possibly one of the most overused terms to describe government in 2017, these institutionalised goons keep proving they live a totally different world to most of us. They have no clue about reality, zero insight into real issues and draw a blank on legitimate struggles.

The Herald Sun reports councillors and senior execs frequently drink after Tuesday night meetings; aka “Boozy Tuesdays”. Nice life, hey? Are they still living in the 1980s?

“If the ratepayer’s cards behind the bar, why not?” they say with an eager skip towards the bar.

“Just one more scotch, make it a triple, that’s what people pay rates for after all,” the fancy folk sneer.

Actually, it’s not scotch; the booze of choice for these council clowns is reportedly Morris Rutherglen Shiraz and Cape Schank T’Gallant Pinot Grigio. Cheers!

The vast list of boozy events may make you want to quietly close down your computer, pick up your bag and head home. Functions to mark the end of council term, swear in new councillors, VIP get-togethers, promotion celebrations, farewell dos – you name it, they’re raising a glass to it.

Hilariously, a council spokeswoman told Herald Sun, “The City of Melbourne has a rigorous alcohol procurement policy for functions and events. This requires function organisers and event coordinators to seek approval from both a manager and a director.”

Indeed, both a manager and director cloned without a clue, playing with monopoly money rather than hard-earned cash. What is the point in a process if all involved in the chain are equally inept?

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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