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Wild rumour department: it will all be over by Christmas

25 November 2017

11:37 AM

25 November 2017

11:37 AM

More may be riding on today’s Queensland election than the premier’s job. A far more important role, in Canberra, appears to be on the line.

Flat White understands a telephone hook-up has been arranged by a newish but prominent member of the Liberal right for tomorrow night to canvass numbers.

If Labor get a swing up north or if One Nation hit 15 per cent or so, the talk says it’s game on. A strong performance by the LNP will be necessary to halt the slide towards a spill.

But here’s where things get difficult. Who should replace the hapless, hopeless Malcolm Turnbull? Peter Dutton? Scott Morrison? A Morrison-Bishop combo apparently isn’t out of the question; even a Bishop-Morrison ticket with the girls on top.

Whatever the outcome, the plotters believe time is on their side.

Turnbull’s oh-so-clever tactic will give then a week to fix a ticket and swing the numbers with MPs in their electorates, not breathing down each other’s neck and watching who goes in and out of which offices.

In a bid to preserve his leadership, Turnbull has given them a week to bring it to an end.

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