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When ‘yes’ means ‘no’

14 November 2017

11:18 AM

14 November 2017

11:18 AM

I woke up this morning elated. And then shocked. What on earth did I feel so pleased about only 24 hours away from the announcement that was anticipated to confirm my gravest fears? That same-sex marriage would become on track to become not only legal in Australia 10.00 am Wednesday, but celebrated.

Love is love apparently. It’s just bad luck (and character) if you don’t agree. And who knows if in future your livelihood and your freedom are in jeopardy if you foolishly suggest otherwise.

Why then did that frisson of excitement still linger as I opened the blinds hoping to see a few last minute vaporous sky written no’s in a final attempt to put off the encroaching reality – my grandchildren will quite possibly be taught about the joys of sex at a very young age. Anal sex.

Then I remembered. The night before I had been with a large group of friends and friend’s friends. The conversation had inevitably turned to the subject du jour – the end of exclusively traditional heterosexual marriage. One member of the group said he had had a weird experience, his entire extended family had iPhoned him while he was overseas, to seek his counsel. He had gone through all the arguments with them: how it was natural for children to experience both mothering and fathering and all that. They finally agreed that it was in the best interests of the kids, that future generations should not be denied the kind of upbringing that they had all enjoyed and prospered from.

This was a very mixed group of people. None were religious. There were many dissenting political views.

Before I could help myself I demanded, ‘Put up your hand if you voted yes’. Jayne proudly raised her hand. ‘Put up your hand if you voted no’ I croaked, not quite sure what I expected. Every other person in the room put up their hand. Shock and awe. We all looked at one another. This was completely unexpected. I had thought that this group of people would mirror the polling figures; two yeas for each nay. I had been wrong. Virtually everyone had voted no.

It’s not impossible that will be our experience in 24 hours time.

Sometimes when you say yes, you vote no.

Illustration: Twitter.

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