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There’ll be more Manhattan massacres with Trump derangement syndrome

2 November 2017

11:36 AM

2 November 2017

11:36 AM

Eight people were killed in the latest terror attack in Manhattan. Sayfullo Saipov has been charged with federal terrorism offences.

It’s reported the 29-year-old rented a truck so he could familiarise himself with operating it. He drove it into a school bus, jumped out brandishing imitation firearms. He’s now in police custody.

Trump announced he will scrap the green card lottery.

Does it make sense? Of course it makes sense.

Does he say it will fix everything? No, he does not.

However, critics fixate on bashing Trump above all else.

The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that the suspect in Manhattan arrived in the US as part of the diversity immigrant visa program. What is this about? Religion, borders and common sense – or are we not allowed to say that?

Predictably, any moves Trump makes are being snubbed, belittled and rejected.

Would they rather he keeps the scheme? Why not let whomever you like in, regardless of background or merit? While we’re at it, shall we continue to deny the connection between Islam and terrorism, yet again, and light a candle instead?

Saipov followed the ISIS guide to carrying out an attack precisely. Killings were carried out “in the name of ISIS”. According to New America (a US nonpartisan research institution), there have been 15 vehicle attacks by jihadist terrorists that have killed 142 people. Those figures include Manhattan. US chain migration may have enabled this man to bring 23 others to the US.

Terror lottery?

Common sense vs hatred of Trump.

Can anyone sane who puts rational thought before PC flummery seriously suggest this isn’t a conversation about borders, immigration and the threat of radical Islam? This is the time to prioritise hating on Trump’s every word?

Trump tweeted, “I am going to ask Congress to immediately initiate work to get rid of this program. Diversity lottery, diversity lottery. Sounds nice, it’s not nice, it is not good.”

Governor Cuomo responded, “The President’s tweets were not helpful. I don’t think they were factual. I think they tend to point fingers and politicise the situation.” Helpful? Factual? Point fingers? Politicise?

One more time – there have been 15 vehicle attacks by jihadist terrorists that have killed 142 people.

Meanwhile, it’s been confirmed New York Police have reached out to those in the vehicle renting business to warn them about possible terror threats. What exactly do you think they are looking for? If the level of awareness of this threat is high, what do you think owners of these businesses are eyeing with suspicion?

For once, it may be wise to come down on the side of common sense rather than reacting solely on a Trump allergy.

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