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SSM: Please prepare for a ‘no’ vote

13 November 2017

5:34 PM

13 November 2017

5:34 PM

As if it wasn’t proving knotty enough to find anyone in politics that is solely an Australian citizen, the goal post has shuffled.

In addition to only having one passport, you must also have absolutely zero concept of the value of money and have no spine.

If you too are shaky and feeble on your feet, take a seat. Trigger warning…

On Wednesday when the result of the same-sex marriage debacle is announced, public servants in Victoria are to be offered counselling. Yes, that’s why you drag yourself out of bed, haul yourself off on a hellish commute, and stare at a screen for 10 hours a day – to fund impotent, lily-livered twits.

The Herald Sun reports public servants will be “offered counselling and a ‘supported space’” for the announcement.

Who are these people? If they can’t handle the result of a public survey, what the hell are they doing attempting to serve the public?

A Department of Premier and Cabinet spokeswoman (of course) said the result would be “challenging” for some staff as the debate has had “substantial impact”.

Another excellent decision from Dan Andrews. Has there ever been a more pinheaded premier?

This is no longer a discussion about SSM; it’s simply SM (snowflake management).

Before the Andrews’ government scatterguns any more cross-eyed focus on diversity, perhaps every individual should master the skill of personal responsibility and propping themselves up?

Perhaps more would be gained if they ceased warbling about “unconscious behaviour” and look at their own entirely conscious ludicrously costly decisions?

This whole postal plebiscite parody has already cost taxpayers $122 million. They’re honestly adding another layer of expenditure at the eleventh hour and expecting us to take them seriously on Thursday?

Can everyone please prepare themselves for a ‘no’ vote so we don’t have Trump: The SSM Sequel?

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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