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Hanson’s chance

7 November 2017

8:53 AM

7 November 2017

8:53 AM

If Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party ever stands a chance at scooping power, the time is now. Not just now-ish, right now.

Faith in the Australian government has fallen apart at the seams. Confidence in leading parties and the political elite in general is utterly shredded.

Having flown back into the country on Sunday, Hanson launched the ON election campaign yesterday spraying champagne on her ‘Battler Bus’. For five days it will tour from Brisbane up to far North Queensland, focusing on regional small towns.

“People have had a gutful of the ALP and LNP, but I’m going to prove we listen and will act on what they want,” Hanson told Channel 9. “I travel all across Queensland and I never come across other Senators or politicians in power doing the same thing.”

She’s not wrong – and she’s not as stupid as some wish.

“The main factor is to drive down the electricity prices. We will make this not the sunshine state but the power state,” she said.

Misguided is the fool who dismisses Hanson right now.

In Queensland, voters are forced to nominate a number for every candidate; preferences will determine the outcome of seats.

Hanson’s strategy is to win eleven seats. On Monday she confirmed an alliance with the Katter party. She’s confident the ON party will exceed its 1998 record and is correspondently confident Steve Dickson will win the seat of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.

Polls suggest Hanson is on track to decide who becomes premier. A Galaxy Poll for the Courier Mail says ON could pick up 18 per cent of the state’s vote.

To be honest, it’s slim-pickings between the major parties. Palaszczuk and Nicholls are as feeble Turnbull vs Shorten. When asked, ‘Who do you choose?’ many reply, ‘Really? Is that the only offering?’

Well, truth is, it’s not, is it?

With Palaszczuk forced to deny conflict of interest over an Adani federal loan and Nicholls’ past failings being flaunted to hurt him, that Battler Bus may well cruise past the naysayers as Hanson smiles and waves.

Seen one smear campaign? Seen them all.

Seen one political elite? Seen them all.

Meanwhile, Hanson’s Battler Bus is assuredly on course. No one should be startled if currently uncommitted minds decide to climb aboard because, well, slim-pickings is a dreadful destination, isn’t it?

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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