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Julie Bishop backflips

10 October 2017

7:22 AM

10 October 2017

7:22 AM

To repeat the well-used words and heart-stopping sentiment of many parents of teenage children, “Julie, we’re so disappointed in you”.  

It was surprising to see Bishop on stage at the Australian Women’s Weekly event last week. She doesn’t usually walk in step with the pink ‘pussy hat’ brigade.  

It was even more disappointing to watch her backflip on personal responsibility and join the chant of sexism that is deafening the nation.  

Previously, Bishop has won respect from both sexes for firmly stating, “I don’t find the need to self-describe in that way [as a feminist].”  

Yet, last week she complained about the boys club in the cabinet of prime minister Tony Abbott. She said her ideas were ignored by the man-pack. To make matters worse, she added that when women joined the cabinet, they stuck together supporting each other’s ideas.  

Once again I find myself doubting that anyone truly comprehends that equality is when we don’t see human beings as their gender. And no, I don’t want a lecture about “unconscious bias”, thanks.  

Are there any adults at the table who are actually considering whether the ideas are any good? Maybe Bishop needs to work on her verbal sales pitch rather than screeching ‘sexism’?  

Is anyone listening to the concept and potential of the idea’s substance rather than choosing whether to nod along solely based on whether it came from a throat accessorised with a necklace or tie?  

If that is what determines a yay or nay of approval, what is the point of gender quotas anyway? Every political debate and business decision will automatically get locked at 50/50.  

If everyone is too busy playing gender hopscotch as their peers share ideas, we’ve failed at equality.  

This week it’s been reported the New South Wales Liberal party has discussed implementing gender quotas. Who wants to tell them not to bother to waste their time?  

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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