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We really are in trouble when “far-right” is common sense

7 September 2017

7:27 AM

7 September 2017

7:27 AM

Let’s strip away labels and go back to basics.

Federal National MP George Christensen will propose a motion at the party’s federal conference this weekend calling for a ban on wearing burqas and niqabs in public. He says the Islamic garments are not conducive to the Australian way of life.

Labels aside, he is correct.

Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie says she’s expecting vigorous debate at the conference as they discuss religious freedom. “We’re also very keen to ensure the safety of security of Australians,” she says.

If you can’t wear a motorbike helmet in a service station, you cannot roam around the streets with your face covered in times of such rampant terror.

That’s not far right.

That’s not any label.

That is purely common sense.

Is Pauline Hanson right to claim victory for pushing this discussion after wearing a burqa in the senate? This has nothing to do with Pauline Hanson or her politics and everything to do with common sense.

Hysterical media report that Tuesday night’s City of Yarra meeting was “stormed” by “far-right protestors” shouting about their decision to ditch Australia Day celebrations on January 26.

In what world is defending a day of national pride “far-right”?

Believing in the traditions of this country is now extremism? It is now considered “far-right” to celebrate Australia Day? Then, forgive me in advance for waving two Australian flags now rather than just one.

When did this happen and who voted on it?

By that rickety logic, Malcolm Turnbull is “far-right”. After all, he condemned Yarra City’s decision and the Federal Government stripped the council of its powers to hold citizenship ceremonies. Is that now considered a “far-right” move? Or is that, actually, withholding Australian values?

“Far-right” is an intense term. Merrily lobbing it around in the media only proves how leftist the bias is in mainstream media truly is. It simply shines a light on how “progressive” the mainstream microphone is.

It doesn’t intimidate people into condemning these moves.

It doesn’t change people’s minds.

Neither does it shame the herd into taking more left turns.

Rather, it is driving people in the opposite direction and diluting the term “far-right” down to a point that no one takes it seriously anymore.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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