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What makes a state?

1 August 2017

7:47 AM

1 August 2017

7:47 AM

The New York Post’s recent write-up on the budget allocations of the Palestinian Authority makes for disturbing if not wholly surprising reading: nearly half the equivalent amount of foreign aid donated goes into programs that incentivise terrorism against Israel.

This editorial comes weeks after the Palestinian Authority’s UN ambassador apologised for the actions of a jihadi after he slaughtered a Jewish family in Halamish sitting down for their Sabbath meal.

There’s a common thread that runs through the positions advanced by defenders of the PA’s brutish, murder-obsessed behaviour that seems deliberately designed to lessen the moral evil of murder. Palestinians are not granted the benefit of moral agency because the mere existence of Israel is such an unfathomably evil, all-consuming obstacle that a different moral rule book is needed to account for their actions.

There’s also been a lot of talk about giving this organisation its own state.

This talk ignores the facts that it was the Palestinian Authority who, in 1947, rejected outright the UN Partition Plan.

This talk also ignores the fact that when concessions were made by the Israelis to give the Palestinian Authority Gaza and the West Bank, instead of getting to work building the beginnings of a fledgeling state, the PA instead chose to invest in terrorism, propaganda and welfare for the legacy and family of dead jihadists.

On every meaningful occasion that inroads are attempted by Israel, the response from the Palestinians has been hostile and farcical.

These are the actions of a disingenuous party to peace talks. Never have the endless reams of rationalisations offered by first-world apologists been so brave as to explain away the sheer depravity and capriciousness of the actions of Hamas and their marginally less deplorable co-conspirators Fatah.

Simple truths like the ones demonstrated by the Palestinian Authority’s own sovereign representatives make it very clear that living alongside the Jews is unacceptable: jihadists want to live there instead of them.

If you want to qualify as a state you have to act like it. The PA, through its weird and necromaniacal pronouncements about anti-Semitic terrorists, through the stated, on-the-record views of its top leadership and through the alliances it holds with its terror exporting near-neighbours proves that Palestinian nationalism is more a shop-front for anti-West, anti-Israel jihadism.

If such a time arises when it gives up this endeavour, statehood may follow. But that is surely not now, and clumsy attempts to do so should be disregarded.

I’m talking about you, Bob Carr.

Mitchell Goff is a unionist and member of the Australian Labor Party.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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