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Time for Muslims to get angry

6 June 2017

11:42 AM

6 June 2017

11:42 AM

The only plausible emotion at this point is anger. Anger towards those who have sought to silence this problem for too long. Anger towards the religion that inspires these misanthropic and evil acts. And of course, anger towards the barbarism of the people who interpret this antiquated doctrine of war so literally.

“Not all Muslims are bad.” Yes, that is correct. “The majority of Muslims are peaceful.” Again, correct. However, the majority of German people between 1939-1945 were also probably not all bad and most were peaceful. Yet six million Jews still perished at the hands of the malevolent Nazi regime. The wicked elements of a minority within the German populous caused one of the most heinous genocides in human history.

Why did this happen? Was it appeasement by the silent majority to the noisy minority? Shame on them if so. Was it a failure of the masses to speak up and revolt against an insurmountable opponent? Arguably, yes. Was it ignorance as to the extent of the problem? Certainly, the propaganda machine was well oiled in those times. Was it fear? Almost definitely. Perhaps it was a combination of these things and perhaps a little bit of them all moulded in one.

What, however, is most worrying is that today we are seeing all the same things happen again. A morally depraved minority purportedly subjugating a decent majority to be branded as terrorists, the same way that good German folk were all considered Nazis. But how could this be so? The numbers are so stacked against the radicals. Or are they?

Unlike Germany, there is no organised military threatening people’s lives if they defected to the Allies. No, there is none of that. Nor is there propaganda or misinformation about the extent of the problem. No, this is on show for the world to see.

Thus, in light of this the question begs: why is this happening? Surely it would be easy for the sensible and good and kind and peaceful majority to overthrow the extremists? Alas not.

One wonders: where is the outrage in the streets from moderate Muslims whose identity is being marred by a substantial portion of their religion? Where are the marches demanding the death of the radicals? Where is the widespread condemnation? Where are the heretics, critiquing the religion from within? Where is the universal case for enlightenment? Where is the movement for a reformation? Where is the common sense from the overwhelming portion of the moderate Muslim population? Surely by now every second Muslim should be as confident as Ayaan Hirsi Ali to start distancing themselves publicly from Islam. But I do not hear it. I do not see it. I do not feel it.

And this is the entire problem. It is a religion totally unchecked, within and without. Within, you have either souls too timid or those who are complicit in a culture of terror (perhaps more than we think). There are very few brave people in Islam. Imam Tawhidi is one exception. Scores more are required to affect a positive change.

Without, you have liberals too scared to even use the words radical Islam. You have cultural Marxists, sympathisers and bullies. Those who dare raise a few truths about Islam are called, ‘Islamophobes’. We need a name for these people, maybe: ‘Safetyphobes’.

Both within and without of Islam, words and actions need to start changing. All Islamic nations of the world need to start denouncing this devilish behaviour immediately on the world stage. All moderate Muslims need to march down the streets of largest cities of the world and scream about the evil within their ranks.

All people of the West need to be united and unashamed to call out Islamic terrorism for what it is: savage and demented and perverted barbarism. Appeasement and hashtags are not working. They never have.

Time to get nasty. Time to get angry. Too many people now are getting murdered senselessly.

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