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Supporting women in sport is a winner for Morrison

22 April 2022

4:00 AM

22 April 2022

4:00 AM

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and ex-Prime Ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott are right to support Katherine Deves, the Liberal candidate for Warringah, in her campaign to protect biological girls and women from men identifying as female wanting to compete in women’s sports.

As well as being the right thing to do – as men competing against women are generally physically stronger with higher levels of bone mass, muscle strength, and body weight – it’s also a political winner in a campaign where voters are finding it hard to differentiate between the two major parties.

In an election where the leader of the ALP, Anthony Albanese, denies his socialist-left background and portrays himself as Liberal-light supporting coal mines, off-shore detention, and safeguarding family trusts – the trans-in-sport issue represents a clear distinction that has the potential to decide votes.

The trans issue is also significant as it forms part of the wider LGBTQ+ agenda and the cultural-left’s long march to radically redefine Western societies including institutions like the nuclear family and Christian teachings.

According to ALP’s review of its unexpected election loss in 2019, one of the reasons Bill Shorten never became Prime Minister is because his party was seen as too politically correct and Woke in the eyes of what the review describes as ‘devout Christians’.

The review concludes that while Scott Morrison was seen as a conservative Christian ‘Labor as a whole did not project an image that was appealing to devout Christians’ especially ‘Christian voters in marginal electorates around the country, and in traditionally safe Labor seats in western Sydney’.

As a result, Finding 29 of the review states, ‘When all other variables are controlled for, it is estimated that identifying as Christian was associated with a swing against Labor,’ and in order to win the next election Labor has to ‘reconnect with people of faith’.

While Albanese and the ALP present themselves as middle of the road and safe politically, voters only have to read the party’s 2021 National Platform to see, if elected, an ALP government is committed to implementing a neo-Marxist inspired LGBTQ+ agenda that would unsettle many voters and most Christians.

Under the heading Equality for LGBTQ+ Australians, the platform states Labor will ‘strengthen laws and expand initiatives against discrimination, vilification, and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics’.

While unfair discrimination and vilification and harassment are unacceptable a close reading of the platform proves, if elected, an ALP government would embark on an extreme Woke-gender-agenda calculated to overturn common sense, biological reality, and religious teachings.

Passports and birth certificates, instead of defining sexuality as male or female, will allow those identifying as transgender and intersex to identify as non-binary. Similar to the Safe Schools gender fluidity program schools will be asked to ensure they embrace diversity and inclusion.

If the ALP’s gender and sexuality policies are implemented, voters can expect religious schools around Australia to suffer the same fate as Brisbane’s Citipointe Christian College where the school was vilified and attacked for adopting a heteronormative, binary view of sexuality.

The 2021 platform – similar to Victoria where the socialist-left Premier Daniel Andrews has legislated to ban parents, counsellors, priests, rabbis, and imams from advising against life-changing hormone treatment and surgery – argues ‘gay-conversion therapy’ will be banned.

While the ALP’s platform champions a woke LGBTQ+ agenda, the Greens Party is even more extreme. Its platform states that it is never fair or reasonable to discriminate on the basis of ‘the actual or perceived sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status of a person, or someone they are associated with’.

As such, men and boys who self-identify as female must be allowed to compete in female sports and activities. The Greens argue for, ‘The removal of discrimination against transgender, gender diverse and intersex athletes in competitive sport.’

In addition to making gender-confirming healthcare free on Medicare, the Greens also propose that faith-based schools be made to employ staff whose beliefs and lifestyles contradict the religious teachings of the school.

While the argument from LINOs, including North Sydney’s Trent Zimmermann and the NSW Treasurer Matt Kean, that Deves be dis-endorsed might sit well with Woke activists, the reality is if the Morrison government wants to be re-elected it needs to maintain its conservative base.

Proven by the popularity of Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who legislated to ensure schools do not indoctrinate students with radical gender ideology and last year’s republican surprise victory in Virginia by Glenn Youngkin, it’s clear voters are tired of cancel culture.

Overseas events further demonstrate why Katherine Deves must be supported and why the Liberal government should remain true to Christian voters and its conservative base.

Dr Kevin Donnelly is a senior fellow at the ACU’s PM Glynn Institute and author of Cancel Culture and the Left’s Long March. 


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