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The Police Association ditches presumption of innocence. Allegedly…

19 September 2021

5:18 PM

19 September 2021

5:18 PM

We don’t want to look as if we’re fixated with Saturday’s protests — we’re disgusted at what things have come to — but the head of the Victorian Police Association, a union that commands much the same respect as John Setka’s division of the CFMEU — has made a clanger that would see a cadet journo guilty of a similar slip nailed to the wall and deserves to be called out.

Asked about a video circulating on social media appearing to show police pushing over a 74 year old woman and pepper-spraying her while she lay on the road, Police Association secretary Wayne Gatt has said he had not seen the footage.

What he did say, however, was “I’m not going to allow my members to be criticised for the actions of these criminals yesterday, they did the best they could.”

“Criminals”? “Criminals”?

These people might have been charged or issued fines, but they’re not criminals. They have not been found guilty.

Does the Victorian Police Association no longer believe in the presumption of innocence — or, to use the word they appear to have forgotten, could it be alleged that this is the case?

Presumably, some smart lawyers are already on to this.

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