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27 May 2021

8:01 PM

27 May 2021

8:01 PM

The machine of left-wing activism has gone into a panic with a decade of propaganda starting to unravel. 

Public patience for Black Lives Matter has declined across the West after it engaged in a series of sustained violent riots in 2020. This is despite major international corporations and the combined forces of Silicon Valley continuing to openly support the Marxist movement. 

With private businesses burned to the ground, city blocks taken hostage, statues of significant cultural heritage destroyed, packs of thieving vandals, dozens of people killed, and groups of youths walking the streets racially abusing and injuring members of the community – people are fed up with what amounts to a racist mob. 

The frustration intensified when the police in various countries knelt in front of the Black Lives Matter rioters as they destroyed property, instead of protecting innocent civilians and their city. Equal application of the law by police and politicians is crucial to prevent civil unrest, and on both accounts they failed miserably. 

When prominent Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson was shot in the UK, the story was picked up by a range of publications. 

According to the BBC, the Met police have said that a group of black men shot Johnson while at a party in south London. Although Johnson had received death threats in the past, the police are confident that this shooting was related to an ongoing gang conflict and had nothing to do with Johnson’s activism or the Black Lives Matter cause. Four men aged 18-28 have since been arrested on suspicion of affray and possession with intent to supply class B drugs. Another was arrested for failing to stop for police. 

That did not prevent British Labor Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott irresponsibly posting on Twitter, “Black activist #SashaJohnson in hospital in critical condition after sustaining a gunshot wound to the head. Nobody should have to potentially pay with their life because they stood up for racial justice #BlackLivesMatter.”

The Tweet falsely suggested that the shooting was a direct result of Johnson’s activism. Despite this, Twitter has not taken the Tweet down for spreading a dangerous lie that is likely to incite further racial unrest. If Trump had posted something this inaccurate, it would have resulted in a life-long ban, but Twitter’s rules regarding community safety continue to be shown up as a farce. 

Press coverage of this incident has been carefully controlled, likely due to the uncomfortable hypocrisy that the shooting revealed in the Black Lives Matter narrative where the police (who they wanted to defund) are now investigating black-on-black gang violence in the UK. 

This morning, The Guardian Australia went on a major whinge regarding comments posted by the public on one of Sky News Australia’s Youtube videos titled ‘UK BLM activist in ICU after headshot wound’. The video is a 39 second news report with no opinion or political commentary that has been seen 230,738 times as of this morning. 

“Sky News Australia’s YouTube channel has published more than 9,000 comments mostly celebrating and mocking the shooting of a Black Lives Matter activist in Britain who is fighting for her life” wrote the Guardian Australia.

In reality, YouTube are the publishers, not Sky News Australia. The Guardian Australia then chose to republish the worst comments in full, giving air time to what would have been nothing more than the usual online rubbish posted on social media platforms. A spokesperson from Sky News Australia correctly pointed out that they are not responsible for third party comments and suggested that The Guardian Australia approach Google instead. (Google purchased YouTube in 2006.) 

While plenty of people within our government are trying to push us toward a dystopian world where news organisations (and by extension, the government) become the moderators of public thought, we are not there yet. As history teaches, public opinion is inflamed when the powerful attempt to censor it. 

None of this has stopped Kevin Rudd from writing to Caroline Rainsford, the acting managing director of Google Australia & New Zealand. Rudd asked whether YouTube would review its relationship with Sky News Australia over the comments in a letter which he copied to Michael Miller, the News Corp Australasia executive chairman. 

“While this particular video is a purely factual report, lasting only 39 seconds, the subscribers’ comments beneath it illustrate how Sky News’ most popular videos are cultivating this far-right echo-chamber.”

Rudd’s extraordinary accusation does not appear to be grounded in any version of reality. One wonders if he showed the same interest in The Evening Standard, who also left their YouTube comments open and received 3,000 comments of a similar nature, critical of the Black Lives Matter leader. 

“Why did they call the police? I thought they didn’t need them.”

“I guess her black life didn’t really matter to the person who shot her.”

While I will not repost the worst ones, they are indistinguishable from those posted on the Sky News Australia video, rubbishing claims that public frustration has anything to do with the factual news snippet and rather everything to do with a general anger at the unchecked violence stirred up by Black Lives Matter. 

The Telegraph, ITV News, and The Sun all turned off their comment sections on YouTube. 

Competing media publications have routinely expressed frustration at the flourishing Sky News Australia digital platform, which has been attracting more customers than its rivals due to a high standard of content. Jealously is an ugly emotion, and it appears to be playing out between media organisations on the left. 

Perhaps publications like The Guardian Australia should be more careful about their continuous support of violent, radical Marxist organisations like Black Lives Matter as they rise through society deliberately seeking to dismantle democracy? After all, embracing a social movement as it tries to spark a race war is more irresponsible than leaving the comment section open on a news video. 

Alexandra Marshall is an independent writer. If you would like to support her work, shout her a coffee over at Ko-Fi.

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