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Yes, but who employs these staffers in the first place?

23 March 2021

12:00 PM

23 March 2021

12:00 PM

So “an emotional” Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said he’s “shocked and disgusted” by the latest lurid and lewd allegations of misconduct by Coalition staffers to come tumbling out of Parliament House?

Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said the behaviour must be “stamped out”, telling Sky News Australia “It’s embarrassing, it’s sickening, it’s appalling, and it’s not to be tolerated. That’s the stance we are very clearly taking.”

Industry Minister Karen Andrews has really let rip at the individuals invovled.

“Those people know who they are, so stop hiding, stand up, get out of the building. Time to go,” she has said this morning. “But that can’t be the only response. Quite clearly, we do need to look at what the avenues are to identify who those individuals are.”

One thing. Those individuals are staffers.

And here’s a proposition Ms Andrews and all the other parliamentarians making pious noises today need to mull over themselves: Quite clearly, we do need to look at what the avenues are to identify who employed those individuals.

Sleazy, sexist, immature, idiot yahoos have no place in Parliament House. So how do they get in there?

Parliamentarians give them jobs.

And who are the experts in never taking responsibility for anything? Parliamentarians. The most senior parliamentarians, those in the executive, those with the greatest responsibility.

Parliamentarians and ministers — the Prime Minister, himself — have plenty of form in throwing people under buses.

They’re oh-so-gently trying it now with staff.

Instead, they need to take responsibility for their employment decisions — and the consequences of those decisions.

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